The Twilight Zone: Ranked

''As long as they talk about you, you're not really dead, as long as they speak your name, you continue. A legend doesn't die, just because the man dies.''

'The Twilight Zone' is my favorite TV series of all time, it's a truly incredible show that has countless memorable and phenomenal episodes. Created by the iconic legend, Rod Serling, 'Zone' has left an indelible impact on pop culture.

I have been meaning to rewatch all the series episodes, and now being the week before 'The December Challenge 2' I am trying to cut back of film watching so that I will be ready and raring for the challenge. So what better time to begin my journey back to the '' dimension of imagination'' The Twilight Zone.

My 3 favorite Episodes (before rewatching)
1. A Stop Willoughby
2. Eye of the Beholder
3. To Serve Man

Episodes Ranked:

(5/5 - *****)

1. The Eye of the Beholder (S2E6)
2. To Serve Man (S3E25)
3. A Stop at Willoughby (S1E29)
4. Walking Distance (S1E5)
5. The Monsters are Due on Maple Street (S1E21)
6. Time Enough at Last (S1E8)
7. Nick of Time (S2E7)

(4.5/5 - ****1/2)
8. It's a Good Life (S3E8)
9. The Silence (S2E25)
10. The Lonely (S1E7)
11. Long Live Walter Jameson (S1E23)
12. The After Hours (S1E33)
13. The Dummy (S3E33)
14. Little Girl Lost (S3E26)
15. The Hunt (S3E19)

(4/5 - ****)

16. A Game of Pool (S3E5)
17. Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up (S2E28)
18. A Hundred Yards Over the Rim (S2E23)
19. The Shelter (S3E3)
20. The Howling Man (S2E5)
21. Nothing in the Dark (S3E16)
22. Perchance to Dream (S1E9)
23. A World of Difference (S1E22)
24. People are Alike All Over (S124)
25. A Passage for Trumpet (S1E31)
26. Third from the Sun (S1E14)
27. And When the Sky was Opened (S1E11)
28. The Hitch-Hiker (S1E16)
29. Five Characters in Search of an Exit (S3E14)
30. The Obsolete Man (S2E29)
31. The Trade-Ins (S3E31)
32. The Little People (S3E28)
33. A Nice Place to Visit (S1E27)
34. Where is Everybody? (S1E1)
35. Mirror Image (S1E20)
36. Deaths-Head Revisited (S3E9)
37. Mr Denton on Doomsday (S1E3)

(3.5/5- ***1/2) 
38. The Midnight Sun (S3E10)
39. Shadow Play (S2E26)
40. Two (S3E1)
41. The Rip Van Winkle Caper (S2E24)
42. Kick the Can (S3E21)
43. The Passerby (S3E4)
44. The Last Flight (S1E16)
45. Elegy (S1E19)
46. NIght of the Meek (S2E11)
47. The Big Tall Wish (S1E26)
48. Nightmare as a Child (S1E28)
49. The Fugitive (S3E26)
50. A Most Unusual Camera (S2E10)
51. The Jungle (S3E12)
52. A World of His Own (S1E36)
53. One for the Angels (S1E2)
54. The Invaders (S2E15)
55. Hocus Pocus and Frisby (S3E30)
56. Person or Persons Unknown (S3E27)

(3/5- ***)
57. The Fever (S1E17)
58. Once Upon a Time (S3E13)
59. The Odyssey of Flight 33 (S2E18)
60. One More Pallbearer (S3E17)
61. The Man in the Bottle (S2E2)
62. The Trouble with Templeton (S2E9)
63. Twenty Two (S2E17)
64. What You Need (S1E12)
65. King Nine Will Not Return (S2E1)
66. The Four of Us are Dying (S1E13)
67. Escape Clause (S1E6)
68. The Lateness of the Hour (S2E8)
69. The Purple Testament (S1E18)
70. Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room (S1E3)
71. Back There (S2E13)
72. Dust (S212)
73. A Penny for Your Thoughts (S2E16)
74. I Shot an Arrow in the Air (S1E15)
75. The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine (S1E4)
76. Execution (S1E25)
77. Mr Bevis (S1E32)
78. Judgment Night (S1E10)
79. Long Distance Call (S2E22)
80. A Piano in the Room (S3E22)
81. A Quality of Mercy (S3E15)
82. The Grave (S3E7)
83. Showdown with Rance McGrew (S3E20)
84. The Prime Mover (S2E21)
85. The Arrival (S3E2)
86. Dead Man's Shoes (S3E18)
87. The Mind and the Matter (S2E27)
88. Mr Dingle, the Strong (S2E19)
89. The Whole Truth (S2E14)
90. The Mirror (S3E6)
91. Still Valley (S3E11)
92. The Last Rites of Jeff Mytrlebank (S3E23)
93. The Chaser (S1E30)
94. Static (S2E20)
95. The Gift (S3E32)

(2.5/5- **1/2)
96. Four O'Clock (S3E29)
97. A Thing about Machines (S2E4)
98. The Mighty Casey (S1E35)

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