Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Carrie (2013)

Carrie, 2013, USA
Director: Kimberly Pierce
Stars: Chloe Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore & Judy Greer

''They're gonna laugh at you, They're all gonna laugh at you.''

With bullying, most likely, at an all time high, Stephen King's 'Carrie' seems ripe for a remake (it's second overall). I guess I have been desensitised by the 'Psycho' remake in that I just assume that they are going to be watered down, carbon copies of their predecessor...and 'Carrie' really is no different, it's a mere shell of De Palma's original just with more blood, IPhones and Youtube. Despite that, for some strange reason I actually enjoyed this film.

Carrie White is a shy outcast who lives with her overbearing, religious mother. She posses telekinesis powers, unbeknownst to  her school bullies who are planning to play a horrific trick on her at the school prom.

I had very low expectations going in, so maybe that's why I came out of it with more positive thoughts than I expected. To be clear, this is not a film that breaks any new ground, if you've seen De Palma's original, you have seen everything except done better. 'Carrie' (2013) isn't really a film where you go in expecting a cutting edge new horror film, all I really wanted was an entertaining and it pretty much delivered in that area.

It never really feels Director, Kimberly Pierce is willing to slow it down and take time to flesh out the supporting characters, this is evident with the Sue Snell character, whom we are supposed to feel is a good natured person who regrets what she does to Carrie at the beginning of the film and is seen as almost a  protagonist of sorts, but the way she is focused on and written is so one sided and cliched that it is really hard to care about her presence on screen at any point. Everything just moves at such a fast pace and the only real objectives seems to make Carrie sympathetic and to create as many awkward situations as possible.

In terms of ''Horror'', 'Carrie' doesn't really provided many scares, sure there are some lame jumps here and there but there aren't any genuine ones. The film does do a decent effort in creating tension, and the prom scene climax is well executed but once again, it was done so much better in the original. Unfortunately 'Carrie' isn't ''Creepy Carrie''

The titular character is portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz this time around. Going in, I was honestly a little critical at the casting choice of Moretz, a good actress no doubt but she's to cute and likable to play the weird outcast (also she seems so much younger than everyone else in this film) it's hard for me to buy the fact that people at her school would have such a strong hatred of this girl. With Sissy Spacek, who is beautiful but has something about her that makes her perfect this kind of role. As usual though, Moretz defies expectations and gives another excellent performance. Carrie White can be such a relateabe character for some (sans teleknesis), and if you aren't the type of outcast Carrie is, you surely must not someone like her. Moretz uses her immense likability perfectly in order to make Carrie as good a character as she possibly can. She does a great job with Carrie's shy, outcast side and brilliantly flips it and makes Carrie intimidating when she needs to be. It's another really good showing for a young actress with loads of potential.

Following on from Piper Laurie's excellent performance in the original film, Julianne Moore takes on the role of Margaret White. Moore is a brilliant actress and she proves it yet again here. Margaret is a god fearing character who uses the bible as an instruction manual for life. Moore's version of the character is far more visceral than Laurie's and I would go as far to say she is more intense. I don't think the two central performances from this film quite live up to the ones in the original, but that's not to take anything from Moretz and Moore, both of whom are excellent here.

'Carrie' doesn't make any new ground, if you miss it you won't be missing much, but it's far better than I expected and there is a good time to be had, Definitely check out the original over this one though.


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