Friday, 10 May 2013

Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead,2013,USA
Director: Fede Alvarez
Stars: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez & Jessica Lucas
''You will die! Like the others before you, one by one, we will take you!''

My interest in this re-imagining of 'The Evil Dead' had been increasing at an alarming rate in the past couple of months. At first I groaned at the idea of this film, another one of my favorites being bastardized by a remake ? no thanks, but upon the films initial release in the States it had received some overwhelmingly positive reviews so my excitement grew. This week was finally the week where 'Evil Dead' was being released in my area and I was so pumped, I woke up early on Thursday to check the showtimes and...nothing. NO EVIL DEAD! I was crushed, first 'The Master' know this! After getting over the fact that I wouldn't get the chance to see the film on a big screen, I (bitterly) resorted to a torrent.

A group of friends travel to an isolated cabin in the woods but incidentally discover The Book of the Dead, an ancient document that could be the death of the them... to say the least.

After talking up my excitement for this film in the opening paragraph, I now must say that film was really disappointed me. 'Evil Dead' (2013) was exactly what I feared It would be, cookie cutter horror with excessive amounts of gore and no real redeeming values.

'Evil Dead' is a film that has billed itself as ''The most terrifying film you will ever experience''. This is a tagline that very much worried me, because one of the most brilliant elements the original 'Evil Dead's are their wicked sense of humor. I was really hoping that the remake could inject this in some way. Unfortunately this was not the case, I could not pinpoint a single of humor in this film and I never even came close to laughter. I understand that you cant have the antics of Bruce Campbell in the film, but cant there be at least an attempt to portray some charisma ?

One of the positives of this film is its amount of gore. It really goes all out in trying to push there audiences to the limits and it does quite a good job of it. I also enjoyed that the fact that all of the effects were practically essential ones. It was a very nice touch and it payed off in a big way. The great effects were able to compensate for the bland everything else...for the most part.

Another thing I like about this film was that it didn't try to emulate the plot of the original. Although the story and characters they put in its place aren't great in the slightest, I still respected the fact that it become a carbon copy. Director Fede Alvarez does a decent job of providing an entertaining experience but hes film is just so hollow and poorly paced.

One of the biggest problems with this film is its bland as hell characters. When I think about the originals I believe I enjoyed all the characters, here its not the same. There really isn't any bad performances but the characters are just so dull and its hard to give a damn about them. Jane Levy does a pretty decent job though.

Overall, 'Evil Dead' wasn't the film I wanted it to be, It lacks the entertainment factor of predecessors and is just so pedestrian. There are some very good practical effects throughout but Its not enough to save the film. Damn I really wanted to like this...


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