Friday, 29 March 2013

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

(500) Days of Summer, 2009, USA,
Director: Marc Webb
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel

Tom walked to her apartment, intoxicated by the promise of the evening. He believed that this time his expectations would align with reality.

After a series of in-depth conversations with my dear friend Tom, we came to the conclusion that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very cool. Although he has had a string of blockbusters flung his way, for me he will always be the squinty-eyed young dude from 50/50, Treasure Planet, A River Runs Through It & my personal favourite: 500 Days of Summer.

It's difficult to say why I love this movie so much. Maybe it's the beautifully clever cinematography, the perfect narration by Richard McGonagle, the mostly hands down incredible performance by a cleverly selected cast or just the greatness of a storyline that seems impossible yet is so relatable.

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't. It's an offbeat & different kinda film that demonstrates the realities of what two different people want from the same relationship. The truth is that most guys don't wanna watch a love-movie (I'd much rather watch Fight Club) but Days of Summer is less a love film and more a story about the different perceptions of love and everything that goes with relationships; and that's what's so cool about it.

This film is visually for filling to say the least. There are some very, very cleverly shot scenes and transitions are wonderful. Music plays a big role in this film. And I love the way Webb has successfully crafted the song into the scene, which is awesome and adds to the viewing pleasure immensely. Although at times 500 Days of Summer is considered "cliché," it really works because Webb has mastered the balancing of new-school "indie" film techniques with the standard yet efficient style of popular modern movies.

The cast is amazing. Gordon-Levitt is really in his prime and the character Tom felt realistic and relatable and was really bought to life by this awesome actor. And so too is Zooey Deschanel. I don't think I really like her mush as an actress because she always seems plays the same character, and in all honesty she does annoy me multiple times in this film and feels week in sections. But this was the first film I saw her in and I think it stands as her greatest achievement as an leading actress. I was also impressed with the co-stars of this film and though all were correctly casted and had all delivered as competent actors they are.

I know everyone loves this film... but so they should! I mean, what's no to love. Everything is well polished, well balanced, well acted, well shot, well made and well, it's just really good. After watching this film several times I found minimal flaws. I is in its own simple way.. flawless.

I really do like this film but after watching it multiple times, I guess its the "flawlessness" of this film is its in turn downfall. the film isn't risk, isn't really fresh and doesn't really takle anything that hasn't already been taken on before. But when some may look at that and say it makes it borring, I like to thing it only makes the film "safe."

I laugh, think, relate and enjoy the purities of this film everytime I watch it. And who cares if it's safe and not orginal... it's still great I i will alsways like this film. Marc Web has delivered an incredibly moving yet funny conventional piece of film that's has resulted in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's best work as well as being one of my favourites and most admired.

****1/2 (4.5)

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