Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Room 237 (2013)

Room 237,2013, USA
Director: Rodney Ascher

''Why would he make the Movie so complicated ?''

Anyone who knows me, is probably aware of the fact that 'The Shining' is my favorite film. This is the film that I credit for my passion in cinema as it is when I first saw it my life was changed forever and I had truly found my greatest love. Maybe its a bias call but I do regard 'The Shining' as one of the greatest films ever made, I have obsessed over all elements of this film for several years now and it has never failed to mystify me. So you could imagine my excitement when I heard there was a feature length documentary coming about people who did the exact same. It was a long wait but today I finally got my chance to see 'Room 237'

Several Film specialists and avid admirers speculate about the secrets, theories and hidden meanings from Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 'The Shining'.

I am a person who can not help but get caught up in mystery and conspiracy theories, Which is one of many reasons I adore 'The Shining' so much, because the mystery of the film exceeds its narrative. There is so much more to 'The Shining' than the casual viewer can detect. Some may say all the theories that stem from the film are ludicrous and false, but I don't think they know just who Stanley Kubrick was. Kubrick was a perfectionist who was in complete control of his projects, and by complete control I mean every single placement of every single item we see on screen. There is a meaning to all his mise-en-scene and thats something that ocassional may not be able to grasp, but filmmaker Rodney Ascher does.

Ascher's dedication and passion for this film shines through in every scene. The film is incredibly thoughtful and detailed and really doesn't leave any stone unturned. Ascher investigates several different viewpoints of the film with inquires from intelligent and well spoken film historians. Ascher has to be praised for his work here as not only is it very well crafted and put together, it is also terrifically edited and transitions to each new theory seamlessly.

I pretty much have prior knowledge of all the theories investigated in the film,but there was still a lot I learned from 'Room 237'. Little details that will now influence every future viewing of 'The Shining', for example the disappearance of the chair in the scene where Wendy checks up on Jack's writing, I have seen the film at least 7000 times and have never picked up on that. Same with the Minotaur poster in the games room, these little details have made me appreciate 'The Shining' even more (if possible)

A few of the notable theories that are heavily investigated in the film are:

- Kubrick is alluding to the Genocide of the Native Americans, which has always been a fascinating one for me and there is definitely plenty of evidence to back it up.

- Kubrick's concern with the Holocaust, This idea is one that I feel is very prevalent in the film. The film does a great job backing this one up with plenty of incredible hints. The scene displaying the transition of the Torrances' luggage to the group of people may just haunt me forever.

- And the most famous one, Kubrick giving subtle hints that he filmed the Apollo 13 moon landing. Call me crazy, but I have always thought this is true, I have spent hours researching this and there is just so much evidence to prove its truth, and the revelation about why Kubrick chose Room 237 was truly mind blowing, I wasn't aware of why Stanley really changed the room number. Room 237 = The Moon Room.

Being a huge lover of 'The Shining', there was very little chance that I wasn't going to enjoy 'Room 237', and I was not disappointed at all. I had a truly great time and was constantly enthralled, I didn't think I could learn anymore about 'The Shining' but Director Rodney Ascher proved me wrong. This review has just skimmed the surface of this film, if you are a fan of 'The Shining' this is a must see!

''Some Films stay with you forever...and ever... and ever...''


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