Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Seven Psychopaths,2012,UK
Director: Martin McDonagh
Stars: Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell & Christopher Walken

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I had been meaning to see 'Seven Psychopaths' for a while now. I like many had really Martin McDonagh's previous film 'In Bruges' and I had recently seen his 2005 short film 'Six Shooter' which made me even more excited for this film. I didn't really expect this film to live up to 'In Bruges' but it does have one advantage over that film and is that it features one of the greatest living actors in Sam Rockwell! So via simple mathematics I figured that If this film were to be as equally good as 'Bruges' then the presence of Rockwell would elevate it even more so and it could possibly be the greatest film ever made! (GO MATH!) Ultimately 'Seven Psychopaths' does fall short of this, but there is definitely still fun to be had.

Marty is a struggling screenwriter who is currently in the progress of writing a screenplay titled 'Seven Psychopaths' but is having trouble with ideas. Billy, Marty's best friend, is doing his best to help Marty but Billy's occupation catapults Marty into the criminal underworld, after Billy steals a gangster's Shih Tzu.

'Seven Psychopaths' is an undoubtedly entertaining film, but after watching I had to ask, what was the point ? I know there are some messages in there but they really did not have an impact on me. I enjoyed the film on a comedic level, watching all these quirky characters doing extraordinary things, I liked the fact that it was self aware and knew it was a film, but when it attempts to become profound I just wasn't buying it.

With that being said, the film is funny. Like 'In Bruges' this film has all the coarse language you could dream of, and like 'In Bruges' its all fucking hilarious. Martin McDonagh definitely has the ability to make you laugh and his showcases it here. The screenplay is good and more often thought provoking and always entertaining, but as I said above its does try to be a little too profound at times, which ruined some of my enjoyment.

Like every project he stars in, This IS Sam Rockwell's film, as he gives yet another phenomenal performance. I don't believe there is a thing this guy cant do when it comes to acting, just an incredible performer and so deserving of some awards recognition. There was a time when I did not enjoy Colin Farrell, but after seeing his great performances in films like 'In Bruges' and 'Fright Night' I can say this guy is fantastic, and he shows it once again here. The rest of the cast is great, With some of the highlights being from Christopher Walken, whom I had believed to be the villain before watching the film but was pleasantly surprised that he is playing possibly the only truly good person on screen, this is Walken's best work in years! Woody Harrelson is great as usual, as is Tom Waits.

Despite my mediocre rating, I did enjoy 'Seven Psychopaths', I just did not enjoy the piped in profoundness of it. Still this is a fun film and showcases Sam Rockwell at his permanent best.


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