Monday, 3 December 2012

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

Silent Night,Deadly Night Part 2,1987
Director: Lee Harry
Stars: Eric Freeman & the rest
''You're good doc, real good. But I know all the moves, I could squash you like a bug.''

Film #11 of The December Project

Once in every great while, there comes a film, a film that can capture your imagination, amaze you, fascinate you and even have the ability to change your life and make you realize why you fell in love with this art form to begin with. 'Silent Night,Deadly Night Part 2' is not that film.

Many years after he witnessed a murder spree conducted by his brother dressed in a Santa Clause suit, Ricky Caldwell is interviewed by a Psychiatrist about hes own brutal crimes.

I don't believe there is any real way to describe this film, it completely defies the unspoken laws of film. Sometimes there are sequels that will quickly summarize the events of the previous film, which is fine for about 5 minutes max. 'Silent Night,Deadly Night Part 2' uses 30 minutes of footage from its predecessor, 30 MINUTES! I just watched that film yesterday and it sucked then, I don't need to see half the fucking movie again! This film is only 88 minutes long and over a quarter of it doesn't belong to the film, It Baffles me! They use so much stock footage that they credit the entire cast of the original! Oh and there is a scene in this film where the main character takes a date to the cinemas (the worst looking cinema in the world) and guess what film they watch ? 'SILENT NIGHT,DEADLY NIGHT'! AHHH!

When the film isn't being compiled of rehashed footage, it is still being told through flashbacks during an interview our main character Ricky has with a psychiatrist, we get about 20 minutes all up of the film actually taking place in the present.

It isn't all bad though, because the film features possibly the Greatest performance in history (not counting all the others) Eric Freeman, this performance has to be seen to believed, its truly remarkable. You will be amazed when you see that an actor can convey all his emotions through the frequent use of his eyebrows. The film also features the infamous ''GARBAGE DAY'' scene which is cinematic gold.

'Silent Night,Deadly Night Part 2' is the very definition of the phrase that ''a film is so bad,its good'', I cant not recommend this film, Its truly something that MUST be seen. Fuck 'Troll 2' this is the best worst movie! but it sure as hell is no 'Halloween III: Season of the Witch'.


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