Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Watch (2012)

The Watch,2012,USA
Director: Akiva Schaffer
Stars: Ben Stiller,Vince Vaughn & Jonah Hill
Evan:Wait a second. I've seen this stuff before.
Franklin: Had you just won a Nickelodeon Kid's choice award?

Film #23 of The December Project

Upon watching films like 'The Watch', I tend to go in with only one expectation, to have a fun time. I judge these films by my enjoyment level while watching them. This is how I entered 'The Watch'.

After discovering the murder of his recently Americanized friend, loyal citizen Evan decides to create a neighborhood watch group in order to find the killer. Evan,along with Bob,Franklin and Jamarcus, band together to fight crime and egg throwing teenagers. Little do they may be stumbling onto a force of extra-terrestrial proportions.

'The Watch' is a Sci-Fi comedy from writers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, whom also wrote the script for 'Superbad' the 'The Watch' pales in the comedic department when compared to that film, but it does intend to be something a little more mainstream. The ways in which 'The Watch' combines its comedic and science fiction elements are inconsistent but this was expected and I wasn't bothered, instead I had quite an enjoyable time. There is also a fair amount of callbacks to classic sci-fi films like 'Alien' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.

I don't usually laugh out loud while watching films, even ones I find hilarious, but there were moments in this film where I had short outbursts of laughter, like the scene where Vince Vaughn describes a plan to Jonah Hill to dress up as a woman and infiltrate R.Lee Ermey which leads to the line 'Worst case scenario; hes gonna fuck you in the ass' which I thought was a hilarious scene.

The humor in the film really does try to hard to be vulgar, offensive and memorable, but it never quite achieves it. Its fun for a one time watch but its not something that I can see myself checking out again in the future.

The film certainty has some weak elements to its plot, the whole aspect with Vince Vaughn's daughter was irritating, sure it had reason to be there but I felt we spent too much time with it. Same with the inclusion of Rosemarie DeWitt's character towards the films climax, which really annoyed me.

The cast was pretty humorous, The main cast of Stiller,Vaughn,Hill and Ayoade are good and have a fun dynamic, but as I said before Rosemarie DeWitt was incredibly annoying and I kind of hated her in this film.

'The Watch' is a flawed but mostly enjoyable film, I had a good amount of laughs throughout and the film seem to flow quickly. There were some problems with the writing but its comedic cast helped pull the film through. Its passable though.


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