Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Silent Night (2012)

Silent Night,2012,USA
Director: Steven C. Miller
Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Jamie King & Donal Louge
                                                                     ''What is this, Garbage Day ?''

Film #45 of The December Project

It may be hard to believe now, but in 1984 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' made quite a splash, it created a huge controversy as parents protested the films release, due to the fact that Santa Clause, the beloved children's icon was being portrayed as a killer. It was the highest grossing horror film of its opening weekend, I mention this because it wasn't the only Horror film released that week something called 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' was also released, never heard of it. The protesting was eventually successful and 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' was pulled from its cinematic release. Since then, the film has garnered cult status and lead to a franchise, that included arguably the greatest film in history 'Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2' (GARBAGE DAY!), The film has never been regarded in the same light as 'Halloween' or 'Friday The 13th' but this year, but in 2012 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' finally got the remake treatment, albeit ever so loosely, in the film simply titled 'Silent Night'

Aubrey Bradimore, is a young police officer who is in the wake of recently suffering heartbreak, On Christmas Eve she is called into duty, as a sadistic killer dressed as Santa Clause is roaming the town picking off victims. Aubrey, along with Sheriff Cooper must stop the killer before its too late.

Despite the negative response this film has received in the short time since its release, I still had hope for a fun and enjoyable slasher. I know I may have been asking just a little too much but I had a feeling that I may enjoy this one. Those feelings were dashed relatively quickly though as 'Silent Night' falls into the category of unnecessary re-imagining.

Okay, The film does have its very slight moments of enjoyment but maybe that's just because I was watching one of my favorite actors on screen, Malcolm McDowell, who seems to keep insisting on doing crap like this, Why Malcolm ?! your so much better! The film features all the ingredients of a modern slasher film, blood,gore and nudity and while it tries to up its game by doing things on a more extreme level with bloodier kills an all round bloody scenes, they are never quite able to elevate this B Picture.

The film does at least try to develop their main character, Aubrey played by Jamie King, they spend a decent amount of time attempting to subtly flesh her character out and for the most part do an admirable yet flawed job, as we do seem to sympathize with her, but not nearly enough but I respect their attempts. I really enjoyed the throwbacks to the original series, especially the Garbage day one and the grampa, its nice to know the filmmakers have at least some recognition with what they're remaking.

The film has a fun cast which for the most part is very underutilized. Jamie King was actually pretty good in her role, I was iffy on her at the beginning and did not buy her as a police officer, but she eventually won me over.As I alluded to earlier, I love Malcolm McDowell, and whenever he is on screen here it is a joy, but he is underused, I probably would have preferred watching him adlib in front of the camera for 90 minutes. Donal Louge was also very underused, I was expecting him to play a more prominent role but he was very minor.

At the end of the day though,'Silent Night' lacks a motive, both in its screenplay and in its design. At least the original had some form of a character ark, this just feels pointless and a useless exercise in the slasher remake sub genre. This Christmas, stay away from 'Silent Night'... instead I recommend 'Silent Night,Deadly Night Part 2' its Garbage Daytastic!


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