Friday, 7 December 2012

Shutter (2004)

Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom
Stars: Ananda Everingham, Natthaweeranuch Thongmee and Achita Sikamana
                                                       ''Tun. Its Jane. I'm going to be a little late today.''

Film #30 of The December Project

'Shutter' gained some publicity back in 2008, when it was part of a long line of foreign language horror films to receive an American remake.

A young photographer and his girlfriend are involved in a car accident, in which they never confess to. Soon afterward they begin to discover ghostly occurrences in their photographs.

'Shutter' was a film I could never really get fully invested to, I didn't hate or anything, I just couldn't care. The film felt like a less superior version of 'Ringu' to me, sure there are definitely some creepy moments throughout the film, as well as some really horrific imagery, but for me 'Shutter' never felt like anything more than an average ghost tale.

I have never seen the films American counterpart, but from what I hear this is far better, is that not always the case ?. I can see why this was subject to an English language remake due to the success of 'The Ring' & 'The Grudge' etc. This film absolutely fits into the same realm as those films, featuring the same ghostly elements, jump scares and creepy atmosphere.

'Shutter' is a decently made film and always feels on the move, it really takes break and when it does its usually to fill its audience in on some back story, which was an aspect of the film I enjoyed. I also liked the films portrayal of the past coming back to haunt someone, Karma if you will, displaying the fact that the past is never really dead. 

'Shutter' has a very effective atmosphere throughout the film which adds to the suspense and mystery of the film. As I said before though, this film feels like its borrowing way to heavily from 'Ringu' and at points it honestly felt like I was watching the same damn film, but replacing the motif of the video tapes with Photographs. 'Shutter' does feature a nice twist reveal and ending which I didn't see coming,probably because its pretty damn obscure.

I never really cared about any of the characters depicted on the screen, they all felt one sided with a few exceptions. Abandoning a person you have just hit in a crash is a deal breaker for me, Nothing heroic they do afterwards can redeem them after that.

'Shutter' is a film I really didn't not thoroughly enjoy, although there were aspects of the film I liked, I just could never fully enjoy it. I recommend 'Ringu' over this.


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