Wednesday, 12 December 2012

George Washington (2000)

George Washington,2000,USA
Director: David Gordon Green
Stars: Donald Holden, Candace Evanofski & Paul Schneider
''The grown-ups in my town, they were never kids like me and my friends. They had worked in wars and build machines. It was hard for them to find their peace. Don't you know how that feels? I like to go to beautiful places where there's waterfalls and empty fields. Just places that are nice and calm and quiet.''

Film #50 of The December Project

I adore character based films, of all the things I love about cinema, character is right at the very top, probably even more so than story (on most occasions). 'George Washington' is one of those films that just embodies my love for film, because not only is it fueled by pure characters, its also has a great story and beautiful morals.

In a small and sad North Carolina town, a group of children hang around and ponder what the future has in store for the them. A tragedy occurs between a few children that sees the accidental death of one of their friends.

The film is both written and directed by filmmaker David Gordon Green, whose efforts are masterful and utterly imaginative. Gordon had, and still does, have so much potential as a filmmaker, this is such a beautifully made film that it makes films like 'The Sitter' and 'Your Highness' even more painful. Gordon devotes enough time and energy to detailing almost every character on screen, which always makes for more compelling and emotive viewing.

The film is an emotional onslaught and may leave you feeling enlightened as well as heartbroken. There are a few tragedies that occur in the film, as well as characters positions in life and their backstorys that make the film so touching. The film deals with Hero's, and what does it take to be one. Do you have to be a strong, wealthy, popular and able person or can anyone can be a hero, do you have to be motivated and willing to help those in need. George is a young kid who just wants to helpful, striving to be heroic and is desperately seeking affection.

I really loved the films technical elements. I thought the narration Candace Evanofski was really good. I thought the editing was fantastic and I really enjoyed the Juxtaposition of scenes. The score was beautiful, and conveyed both sadness and hopefulness. I was just reading Roger Ebert's review of the film and he compared it to Terrence Malick's 'Days of Heaven', and I could really feel that through watching the film, the child narration, plot taking a back seat to experience, I thought Green did a great paying homage to Malick while not relying too much on the tactics he used. 

The cast is all fantastic consisting of mostly unknowns, despite featuring a title character I would consider the film more off an ensemble piece, as we get to explore so many different characters and feelings.Donald Holden, Candace Evanofski, Paul Schneider and Rachael Handy were all great, amongst many others.

'George Washingston' is a great cinematic experience, Wonderfully executed by David Gordon Green, and featuring such heartfelt characters and scenarios. A Beautiful film.


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