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Ed Wood (1994)

Ed Wood,1994,USA
Director: Tim Burton
Stars: Johnny Depp, Sarah Jessica Parker & Martin Landau
                         '' Visions are worth fighting for, why spend your life making someone elses dream''

Film #36 of The December Project

I first saw 'Ed Wood' a couple of years back, and I loved it. Since then, whenever asked I would refer to it as Tim Burton's finest film. This was my first time rewatching the film since then and I was wondering how it would hold up for me personally, well I fell in love with it all over again, even more so this time.

Edward D. Wood Jr is an ambitious up and comer who dreams of one day making pictures.Ed is very committed to his dream, is a hard worker and has a strong passion for telling story's, hes only problem is that he is the worst filmmaker on the planet...and he enjoys dressing in women's clothing.

'Ed Wood' may honestly be the most inspiring film I have ever seen, let me elaborate, I have dreams to one day be a filmmaker and this films completely embodies why, The character of Ed Wood, depicted on screen is a completely genuine and kind hearted human being who thrives on storytelling and dreams, This is the kind of person I want to be (Sans the bad films and special interests). I can connect to 'Ed Wood' on an emotional level, especially Ed's meeting with Orson Wells and the final scene at the premiere of 'Plan 9 from Outer Space', The film is a journey through its Ed undying passion to fulfill his dreams and that final scene is a complete representation of that, to truly love something more than you love yourself, its a culmination of dreams,effort and sacrifice (forget about the fact that it turned out to be arguably the worst film ever made), sorry but I cant but get sentimental about that.

It would be simple to make a film that complete mocks Wood's work, but Burton and screenwriters Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski take a more humane route when telling the story of Edward D. Wood Jr. They convey a optimistic portrayal of the man, and it truly makes for great and heartwarming cinema. Burton has been thoroughly criticized in the last decade, and rightly so, for becoming a bland and conventional filmmaker, Well this may have been the last unconventional picture he ever made, and his quirkiness and humor, its a beautifully made film that really showcases the classic Burton stylings we used to adore.

The film is as hilarious as it is heartbreaking, its a wildly funny film with many moments of laugh out loud hilarity and very witty and humorous converses between characters. As I said prior, the film is also pretty emotive, as depicted by Bela Lugosi's character, a man who was once on top of the Hollywood world, now regulated to an elderly morphine addict. Bela's friendship with Ed throughout the film is as touching as it is charming.

The cast is absolutely perfect. Johnny Depp, in my opinion, gives the very best performance of his career, he does something truly special with Wood's character, he brings him back to life and makes him one of the most quirky,unique and loveable characters put on screen. Martin Landau is fantastic in his Academy Award winning role as Bela Lugosi, an emotional showing that really pulls at the heartstrings as well as make you laugh. Sarah Jessica Parker is good, as is Patricia Arquette. Vincent D'onofrio is perfect as Orson Welles, and just when you thought the cast couldn't any better who shows up ? BILL F'N MUARRY!

Yesterday, I reviewed another great film that depicts the trials and tribulations of Hollywood 'Barton Fink', although both take different approaches to illustrating their themes I think they are two of the definitive films when depicting the filmmaking process, from both the writing and directing aspects, they could make the perfect double bill!

'Ed Wood' is a gloriously beautiful film, its hilarious, emotional and an all round phenomenal film experience. Its ironic that Ed Wood make such bad films but the film made about him was so great. In the final scene of the film, Ed states proudly while watching 'Plan 9' that ''This is the picture I am going to be remembered for'' while that may be true, I believe this is film he should be remembered for, because it truly does unique and one of kind human being justice.

'When it came to making bad movies,Ed Wood was the best'


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