Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dredd (2012)

Director: Pete Travis
Stars: Karl Urban,Olivia Thirlby & Lena Headey

Film #84 of the December Project

I have never seen 'Judge Dredd', although I was actually flicking through channels one day a few years back and came across it, when I saw both Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider on the screen I turned the film off in about 0.3 seconds and never looked back. Anyways I had heard plenty of buzz about 'Dredd', the 2012 re-imagining of the character, so I finally decided to check it out while hoping for the best. 

In a desolate, futuristic city Police officers have gained the authority of being judge,jury and executioner to the criminals they prosecute. Judge Dredd is one of the most professional and feared of his kind, while on a mission to take down Ma-Ma, an evil villainous drug lord. Dredd takes on a young psychic apprentice on her first assignment, the two are locked inside Ma-Ma's apartment block and hunted by her henchmen.

For the first half of 'Dredd' I was entertained but was honestly feeling a little underwhelmed, having the feeling that I wasn't really getting much out of the film other than mindless enjoyment, gladly this feeling did not last long as I ended up having a blast. For me, 'Dredd' is a blockbuster film that is able to strike the right balance of mindlessness and sophistic!tOd [`w never to stupid yet its never overly intelligent, its a perfectly accessible Action Crime film that should most likely entice many viewers.There really is a little something for everyone here.

I was very glad the film didn't hold back on its violence and didn't end up with a PG rating. The action scenes are heavily reliant on grotesque beatings and buckets of blood, and are all the better for having used them. The director Pete Travis does a good job creating a constantly enjoyable film, he keeps the film going at a constant high speed pace and while it may have the ability to become nauseating, he does do a good job and creates something that will most likely not bore any viewers.

I'm really not a person who is wowed by slow motion effects, and 'Dredd' does nothing to change my mind. I know that it is quite vital to the plot but there were just too many sequences that relied on slow motion techniques, one or two would have been fine but I just became irritated by them towards the end. The climax reminded me of 'Alien 3' because of this reason, and I honestly don't really want to be reminded of that.

'Dredd's cast is generally pretty good. Karl Urban does a good job playing the simplistic title role, and I wish we would have spent a little more time focused on him and his badassery. Olivia Thirlby is okay playing the young psychic woman who has just been introduced to the world of a Judge. I didn't really like Lena Headey in this film though, she is usually pretty creepy and intimidating in her roles but she didn't bring it to this character though. I know they spool off some dialogue of why we should fear her but I was never convinced and I was never quite sure why she had this legion of followers.

'Dredd' is the kind of big budget blockbuster that I can enjoy, it offers enjoyment to all kinds of audiences. It's a real shame this film bombed at the box office and lost around $37 million, when a horrible Michael Bay film like 'Transformers 2' can become one of the highest grossing films of all time, its really quite concerning. 'Dredd' isn't perfect but it is a lot of damn fun, recommended.


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