Monday, 3 December 2012

Detroit Rock City (1999)

Detroit Rock City,1999,USA
Director: Adam Rifkin
Stars: Edward Furlong, Sam Huntington & James DeBello

''Jam! Just shut your faggoty-ass mouth! You're pissing me off! Now we came all this way and we've got absolutely nothing. So help me God, we are going to that concert.''

Film #10 of The December Project

Was this film Directed by a monkey on acid ? because I'm almost 100% sure that is the case. Holy shit, did they think they were making the next 'Dazed and Confused', because that's certainly not the fucking case.

Four friends attempt to attend a KISS concert in Detroit City, but suffer trials and tribulations that continue to prevent them from seeing what is sure to be the greatest Rock and Roll concert of all time. 

If I wasn't so dedicated to the December Project, I think I would have turned this film off in about 10 minutes. I know there probably wasn't a great requirement to create an intelligent film, but this was just idiocy. I mean 90's comedies like 'Slacker' and 'Clerks' featured similar types of characters but never insulted my intelligence like this. This is delusional and pretentious filmmaking.

I think the acid monkey that directed the film, also served as the cinematographer because this camera moves like a fucking mad man. Its so damn distracting and chaotic and took me out of the film on multiple occasions.

There are no stand out performances in the film, but I really like Melanie Lynskey so it was nice to see her here but she doesn't really get the chance to do all that much. Lin Shaye good though as the overprotective Catholic mother, that believes KISS is the Devils music, as is Sam Huntington as her unfortunate son.

I really didn't enjoy this film all that much, it was complete douchebaggery, at least I chalked up another film for The December Project. Soundtracks fantastic though.


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