Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cosmopolis (2012)

Director: David Cronenberg
Stars: Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gordon & Paul Giamatti
                                                            ''Talent is more erotic when it's wasted.''

Film #17 of The December Project

As far as I'm concerned, casting Robert Pattinson in anything that isn't a teenage love story is just strange and seemingly pretentious, Director David Cronenberg takes this leap with 'Cosmopolis', as much as I love some of his work I do believe Cronenberg is quite a self indulgent son of a bitch, but that's not really a slur on the guy, hell that's what it takes to be a successful in the film business, and 'Cosmopolis' may be his most ambitious and and pretentious work in years.

Eric Packer is a twenty eight year old billionaire, who decides to one day ride across New York city in order to get a haircut, his trip coincides with the arrival of a president, a riot conducted by anarchists and the death of a popular musician. Along the way Packer meets several people who threaten his way of life.  

I really wasn't expecting much from this film but was incredibly surprised as I ended up enjoying quite a bit. The film really felt like a more serious yet less intelligent episode of 'The Big Bang Theory', Cronenberg's screenplay is quick witted and has plenty to say about the current economic standards, while it may not be entertaining to listen to extended conversations about business, it is usually riveting and thoroughly interesting.

Its hard to exactly pin point which genre 'Cosmopolis' falls into, Due to the absurdity of the events it can be definitely be classified as a black comedy, but it does have a viscous and dark side so it comes of as quite dramatic and there are even aspects of a thriller. Being an experienced filmmaker, Cronenberg knows how to combine both genres in order to make a constantly riveting and darkly humorous film.

I dont think I hate Robert Pattison, the guy is actually irrelevant to me, He never crosses my mind in the slightest so I have no real reason to dislike him, although I did see the first two 'Twilight' films, which may be reason enough. I actually thought he gave quite a good performance in this film, despite competing against a very good supporting cast, Pattinson holds his own and does a very decent job. The rest of the cast is very good, with their brief appearances Juliette Binoche, Emily Hampshire, Kevin Durand, Patricia McKenzie and Samantha Morton all add a little something to this film. The great Paul Giamatti is good as always, the man has such great presence and is such a natural actor.

'Cosmopolis' is a far from perfect film, and yes it does have a certain pretentiousness to it, but I really enjoyed it. I admired Cronenberg's take on the wealthy, and how they can incidentally destroy the lives of the little people. Good performances all round and very well done.


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