Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011)

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas,2011,USA
Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Stars: Kal Penn,John Cho & Neil Patrick Harris

                                  ''Koreans have killed his mother and now his tree. Christmas is ruined.''

Film #3 of The December Project

I first discovered Harold & Kumar when a friend kept insisting that I watch 'Escape from Guantanamo Bay', I expected to hate it but was pleasantly surprised, I then watched 'Go to White Castle' and border line loved it! I was quite excited for this film back in late 2011, and it never came, and I waited,and waited, then I got fed up and decided to resort to Piratebay to watch this film, to this day I'm not even sure Australia has this on DVD yet.

Six years after there escape from Guantanamo Bay, Harold & Kumar have severed ties with each other and live their separate lives, Harold a well off business man, and Kumar still a stoner. By chance the two meet up again and inadvertently destroy Harold's father in law's treasured Christmas tree, the two team up once again, in an attempt to find a replacement tree, as hilarity ensues.

First off, this film is not as great as 'Go to White Castle' and it isnt even as good as 'Escape from Guantanamo Bay', but its a Harold & Kumar film, and I don't believe fans would be disappointed, it still includes all the elements that make these films so much fun, the weed, the crazy side characters and of course NPH.

This film takes very obvious and humorous shots at 3D, A technique it utilizes. They basically some up the general conscientious on 3D, that its overused and overrated. The 3D in this film is so brilliantly over the top and so in your face, and just basically unnecessary, which makes it humorous.

The thing I dislike most about this film was that it limited the time that Kal Penn and John Cho got to spend on screen together, The two are paired with separate friends, Kenneth and Adrian, which was just irritating. The other two films in the series just felt more like a journey, which this wasn't.

Penn and Cho, have fantastic and hilarious chemistry and whenever they are sharing the screen all is right with the film. The cast also bit parts from the likes of Danny Trejo, who is quite funny. As I mentioned above I didn't enjoy Amir Blumenfeld or Bobby Lee as Adrian and Kenneth, they just annoyed me the whole time, and Neil Patrick Harris who is just freakin golden in these films.

'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas' is easily the weakest of the trilogy for me, but being a fan of these two I still had a good time. Just don't expect White Castle.


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