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30 Minutes or Less (2011)

30 Minutes or Less,2011,USA
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari & Danny McBride
''I'm not afraid of Jason. Look at me. I'm fucking Jason. In his fucking mask hole.''

Film #29 of The December Project

I'm not gonna lie I was pretty damn excited for '30 Minutes or Less' last year, due to my fandom of the Eis-Man Jesse Eisenberg after he blew my mind in one of my favorite films 'The Social Network',the man could do no wrong!, then this film did not get a theatrical release in Australia, but I found a pirated copy so things turned out swimmingly... (is swimmingly still used during conversation these days ?, was it ever used ? hmmm)

Nick is a slacker pizza guy, who spends time getting high,delivering pizzas in 30 minutes or less and watching action films with his friend Chet. When making a delivery one night, Nick is kidnapped by Dwayne and his buddy Travis, who strap a bomb to Nick and force him to rob a bank within 9 hours in order to retrieve money so Dwayne can hire an assassin to kill his wealthy but abusive father. Nick is accompanied by Chet attempt to rob a bank, hilarity ensues.

'30 Minutes or Less' was very poorly received upon release, mostly due to the fact that it makes a comedic film out of a real life tragedy, which is of course in poor taste. As a film, I honestly enjoyed '30 Minutes or Less', I tried not to take the real life incident into account and judge the film strictly on its merits. I thought it was quite funny but a forgettable and short ride. Recently I was in a Cash Converters with a good friend of mine and saw this on Blu-Ray for $8 so I thought why not, it makes for perfect December Project viewing.

During my revisiting of the film, I found my reactions were basically the exact same as the first time, Its a fun little ride featuring a fun cast. Is it a good film ? No, its obviously made to be controversial and a hot topic, which it really wasn't, It also suffers heavily from some bizarre scripting problems and some unoriginal ideas, the fact that Nick and Chet replicate action films felt right out of 'Hot Fuzz'. The film never really gets out of the fun but mindless spectrum.

The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer, who showed some great potential with his direction of 'Zombieland' in 2009. Fleischer understandably struggles with the material, I'm not sure any filmmaker could create a film out of this that could please everyone. Fleischer does create a fast and entertaining experience though, which is about the most he could do. Hopefully he shines with 'Gangster Squad' next year.

The cast is very fun here, I love Jesse Eisenberg so I really enjoyed him here too. Aziz Ansari is fun too, and he alongside Eisenberg create an enjoyable duo. Danny McBride and Nick Swardson also create a humorous duo.

'30 Minutes or Less' is a film I have enjoyed both times I have seen it. Sure, its isn't smart and is also pretty damn distasteful if you think about it but it is funny and it is entertaining. I clocked the film in at about 78 minutes sans credits, so your not really wasting all that much time if you decide to watch it. Not a film for everyone though.


My Review of '30 Minutes or Less' from November 2011

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