Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Howard The Duck (1986)

Howard The Duck,1986,USA
Director: Willard Huyck
Stars: Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins & Jeffery Jones
''On my planet, we never say die, we say... NOT MY SHORTS!''

One of the first things we see when 'Howard The Duck' opens is an Indiana Jones spoof, a poster titled ''Breeders of the lost stork'', that should have been my first clue, I shouldn't have ignored the warning and I should have got out while I still had my good memories of a world where a film about talking duck who is a master of ''Quack Fu'' doesn't exist, a simpler world, where children could play and cows could grace in the fields,not knowing the horrors of the one they call Howard.

I have heard and read the stories of this film, and how bad it is, out of morbid curiosity I finally saw this film, there is no way to prepare for this film, its the epitome of film garbage, big budget mindless bullshit.

There are people out there who claim that this film is ''so bad its good'', I can not, for the life of me understand that, to me this movie is so bad that is absolutely horrendous. Thankfully Tim Robbins is a great actor and was able to get past this pretty much unscathed, the same can not be said for Lea Thompson though.

'Howard The Duck' is a disaster, true garbage, this was the first film that showed the world how greedy and self absorbed George Lucas was.


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