Monday, 12 November 2012

The Comedy (2012)

The Comedy,2012,USA
Director: Rick Alverson
Stars: Tim Heidecker,Eric Wareheim & James Murphy
''Why don't you fuckers have satellite radio in this cab? You pay so much fucking money for these cabs you should have the option to listen to whatever kind of music you want.''

After reading many positive reviews, I decided to check out 'The Comedy', I had no idea what kind of film I was really in for.

Swanson (Tim Heidecker) is on the verge of inheriting his fathers fortune, but he is an irresponsible slacker who would rather spend his time messing with his friends and mocking average Joes.

'The Comedy' satirizes privileged off spring, it displays them as empty people who have nothing better to do than mess around and mock society. I honestly didn't really know the film was a satire before watching, actually I didn't really know a thing about this film before watching, so it came as a shock when I witnessed one of the most unsettling opening scenes I have ever seen, but once I caught on I was able to go with and understand the film a bit more.

With all that being said though, I don't believe 'The Comedy' is ever really an easy watch,there is  one scene in particular that I found very disturbing. It can be a humorous film at times due to its characters utter absurdity. The film is directed by Rick Alverson, who also co writes the script with Robert Donne and Colm O'Leary, they do a good job with the script and are sure to feature some incredibly uncomfortable dialogue.

The film stars Tim Heidecker who gives a very Zach Galifinakis - esque performance, its really incredible how much he seems to impersonate Galifinakis at times he even walks and talks like him! Heidecker's performance is the centerpiece of the film, on one hand the guy is a complete prick, he is so insensitive and so socially absurd, but on the other he garners a sense of sympathy because he has been so sheltered and is so unaware of working class life but earns to have one, its really a fascinating performance to watch.

'The Comedy' is a decent watch, Its a worthwhile and at times a serious satire on the disadvantages of growing up wealthy, its quite an interesting character piece aswell, Heidecker's performance is as enthralling as it is absurd. Slight recommend for 'The Comedy', but only if you know what your getting into.


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