Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Shining

The Shining, 1980, USA
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Starring: Jack Nicholson & Shelley Duvall

"Red Rum...Red Rum...Red Rum...Red Rum...Red Rum...Red Rum...Red Rrum...Red Rum..."

Imagine if you (a boy at an age of 5-ish, who possesses a supernatural power allowing you to see things from the past and future), your dad (a writter and recovering acholic) and yor mum went to take care of a hotel for 5 months during the winter. There is a games room, a hedge maze, large fire places, a huge kitchen and blood surging from one of the apartments like a wave from the ocean! Yes, BLOOD!!! This film is scary! One of the most brilliant, well crafted psychological horrors ever made.

The adaptation of the Steven King's spooky novel has been amplified by the immense film. Kubrick has produced a incredible piece of viewing delight that leaves you on the edge of your set. The man is a true genius. It is obvious to see where renowned directors, such as Quentin Tarantino, draw their inspiration from. Camera work, cinematography, lighting... all amazing. And the sound! Don't get me started on the sound!!!

This film contains the best ever music score that really intensifies the spooky feel this film creates. As a musician myself, all I can do is drool in awe at the superb musicianship of Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind. I could turn the screen off and still feel just as scared purely listening to the sounds and music of The Shining. At the same time, I could mute the volume, watch the film in silence and you would sill get the same response from me. That is a true testate to Kubrick.

It's an old school horror and Nicholson portrays the old school psycho to the highest standard. Shelley Duvall also plays a convincing role making the film feel all the more real.

This film is more suspenseful than freaky but that's what I like to see in a horror. It's one thing to have monsters jump out at you, but to create a film that doesn't let you know what's coming next, and that leaves you in awe, is something completely diiferent and magical. It's a film that ends, and begins for that matter in mystery and superstition. For this reason, as a viewer, you are forced to ask questions and I don't believe that one will ever truly understand every thing about The Shining. But that's the beauty, you don't really have to know, you purely have to enjoy the amazing feat and terrific sense of hopelessness and insecurity created by this film.

Putting the DVD in to the DVD player was scary enough! The feeling of willingly knowing that you are about to change as person because of a film, can only an only be topped by the film itself.

****1/2  (4.5)

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  1. So glad you liked it man! Beautiful review aswell! :)