Friday, 2 November 2012

The Girl (2012)

The Girl,2012,USA
Director: Julian Jarrold
Stars: Toby Jones, Sienna Miller & Penelope Wilton
''All we need to do now is hire some birds''

''The Girl'' is revenge in the form of a HBO made for TV film. Actress Tippi Hedren's claims of being harassed by legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock after he cast her as an unknown in his 1963 film ''The Birds'', but is 'The Girl' based on factual events or false claims from an actress who's time has passed and is desperate for one final moment of acknowledgment ?

Sienna Miller portrays Tippi Hedren, an unknown model who is given the opportunity of a lifetime when she is cast in the film 'The Birds' Directed by Alfred Hitchcock (Toby Jones), his first film post 'Psycho', but her dreams turns to ashes when she discovers who the real Hitchcock is, a perverted and sinister old man who is hell bent on making her his own.

I never knew of these Hitchcock claims until only fairly recently. Hitch is behind only Stanley Kubrick in people I idolize most in the world. I first heard about this film after hearing about the much more publicized film 'Hitchcock', I was so excited about Hitchcock being brought into the mainstream, then i watched the trailer, I looked on in horror as I was one of my hero's being depicted as a disgusting old man. How could this possibly be true and how have I never heard of this ? I didn't I would end up viewing this film, I didn't want the pain of seeing the 'true' side of someone I looked up to so much.

The film feels like propaganda, Hedren is portrayed as an innocent loving mother who is unwillingly taken in by the evil wrath of Hitchcock,who himself is portrayed as an absolute sleaze with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, even his undeniable brilliance as filmmaker is hardly even acknowledged. The writing just feels so tacky and ridiculous. Why should we really trust Hedren's accusations of a man who is forty years dead and can't defend himself ? I say this not as a Hitchcock fan but a believer in the phrase that ''a man is innocent until proven guilty.'' I'm not saying these things never happened, I'm just giving Hitch the benefit of the doubt.

The biggest complements I can give this film is for its two lead performances, Toby Jones is great playing an evil and deeply sinister man. Sienna Miller great as Hedren, its a spot on damsel in distress performance.

At the end of day, 'The Girl' is a handicapped film, from its very inception people were going to be hostile due to it attacking a legend, and the film doesn't do a very good job attempting to persuade us but it rather bombards us with propaganda and labels Hitch as evil without even exploring his side. Hedren can say all she wants about the man, but she can never take away his reputation as arguably the greatest filmmaker of all time.

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