Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ruby Sparks (2012)

Ruby Sparks, 2012, USA
Directors: Jonathan Dayton & Valarie Faris
Stars: Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan & Chris Messina
''Any writer can attest: in the luckiest, happiest state, the words are not coming from you, but through you. She came to me wholly herself, I was just lucky enough to be there to catch her.''

'Ruby Sparks' is the comedic, fantasy romance from the filmmakers behind the 2006 hit 'Little Miss Sunshine' Jonathan Dayton & Valarie Faris. The film reunites the filmmakers with 'Sunshine' star Paul Dano as he portrays a writer who incidentally stumbles across real life magic. 'Ruby Sparks' has been met with a mostly positive reaction from critics and audiences which is great to see, seeing as the film falls into the ''quirky'' realm which does not entice most audiences.

Calvin Weir - Fields (Paul Dano) is a successful young writer who is in the midst of writer's block, struggling with his state of mind and lack  of imagination Calvin forces himself into writing, he creates a character piece about a girl named Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan), he becomes absorbed by his story to the point of which he longs to be with his fictitious character, One morning Paul wakes up to find, that hes dream has come true and Ruby is alive. Calvin overcomes his shock and begins to date Ruby but battles with the morality of weather to change Ruby via his writing.

To be perfectly honest,the plot of 'Ruby Sparks' shouldn't really work for a film in the year 2012, its a risky formula that feels like it comes straight from a cartoon of some sort, but fortunately, to their credit filmmakers Dayton & Faris, as they did with 'Little Miss Sunshine', handle this story to near perfection, creating a film that brilliantly captures modern sensibilities and issues. The film is also surprisingly, emotional and heartfelt, something I really wasn't expecting upon watching, while it has its humorous and light hearted moments they are still flanked by ones of heartbreak and loneliness. 'Ruby Sparks' moral and message is the age old one that Love and magic are possible, its something we have heard many times before but its a message that never fails to enchant.

The film features some fantastic performances, Paul Dano is terrific and is really creating a remarkable career for himself. There is also really great supporting cast, featuring good work from Chris Messina, Annette Bening, Antonio Banderas, Steve Coogan and Elliot Gould, while Zoe Kazan is absolutely spell binding as the title character.

I loved 'Ruby Sparks', the film is an absolute joy, its quite the emotional roller coaster, its both humorous and sad. The film is beautifully made and features some fantastic performances. 'Ruby Sparks' is well worth your time.


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