Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Premium Rush (2012)

Premium Rush, 2012,USA
Director: David Koepp
Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dania Ramirez & Michael Shannon

''I like to ride. Fixed gear. No brakes. Can't stop. Don't want to, either.''

I first became aware of 'Premium Rush' when I saw the poster for it at my local theater before seeing 'Argo', From what I gathered, it was some kind of action thriller that involved bicycles, despite the presence of Joseph Gordon-Levitt I silently scoffed and walked away. A few days later, as I often do, I was searching around IMDB, when I once again came across this film, I found out a few more details such as the film was co-written and directed by David 'Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' Koepp, who has never been one to pen an intelligent screenplay, with relatively low expectations, I decided to check out 'Premium Rush'

The film revolves around a bike messenger named Wilee (like the coyote) a live wire who makes a living out of delivering mail around New York city. One day, an unsuspecting Wilee takes possession of valuable letter that gets the attention of a corrupt cop, who chases him through the city. 

'Premium Rush' is told in a non linear way, the film jumps from and between different parts of the day and features a couple of long and elaborate flashback sequences that catch audiences back up to speed, Its a short and fast ride, clocking in at around 83 minutes sans credits, which is what you would expect for a film like this. Despite his shortcomings as a filmmaker, Koepp is able to keep the film moving at a quick pace and is able to orchestrate some exhilarating chase sequences. I also enjoyed the scenes The script, which Koepp co writes with John Kamps is really ham handed and is riddled with caricatures,plot holes over sentimentality and one of the most ridiculous and baffling sub plots I have seen all year.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is awesome, yes we already knew that and he continues his trend of good performances here and does the best with what he is given. Michael Shannon is also great as he usually is, as the bad cop, Shannon is always at his most entertaining when he is able to let loose and he does that here. The rest of the cast is pretty sub par, Jamie Chung plays a horribly stereotypical Asian character, A very poorly written character.

'Premium Rush' for the most part is a fun little ride, but with all of David Koepp's work you really must check your brain at the door before watching, because you really wont be needing it here. Although minimal There is enjoyment to be had with this film due to its chase scenes but there is other much more worthy films in cinemas that are more deserving of your time, but if you want intelligent and distinguished action, go see 'Skyfall'


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