Thursday, 29 November 2012

Jack and Jill (2011)

Jack and Jill,2011,USA
Director: Denis Dugan
Stars: Adam Sandler,Adam Sandler & Al Pacino 
It's been months since I have seen this film, but it is just now that I feel obliged to write this review. I have seen many horrible movies in my lifetime, but there have been few that have taken a unbearable mental grip on me like 'Jack and Jill', I cant escape the fear and terror of watching this film, its something that may haunt me for the rest of my days.

I will not summarize the plot of this movie (I refuse to refer to it as a film!), There are two Adam Sandler's though, that's all you need to know, and fear.

Upon the completion of viewing this movie, I would have referred to this as the most effective horror movie of all time, then I was informed the film was a comedy. There is no greater nightmare for me personally than Adam Sandler, discovering a movie where there was two Sandler's is almost a vision of a fiery hell, where all your most horrible thoughts will come to life and eat your soul, but 'Jack and Jill' is much much worse than that.

As I write this review, memories that I have attempted to bury deep into
 my mind are returning and resuming their haunting. I must write on though, the fate of the earth depends on it.

The 'Happy Madison' duo of Denis Dugan and Sandler, have teamed together numerous times to bring us some of the worst movies ever made, but this is the very worst, which is saying a lot. I don't this can be classified as filmmaking, instead it should be referred as robbery, Sandler and Dugan are robbing the idiotic audience members who have paid to see this!

There are still nights when I awake in terror, remembering moments of this film, seeing Adam Sandler dressed as a woman flying on jetski through the air, and sharing the screen with Al Pacino, What the Fuck Al! Your were in 'Dog Day Fucking Afternoon', get your fucking shit together. There are really no words that can do this piece of horror justice, this is an example of the very worst in film. One of, if not, the worst movies ever created.

No stars



    I think Peally liked it, but your right

  2. Haha! definitely a film right down Peely's alley, if it had Eddie Murphy in it I'm sure Peely would regard it as one of his favorite films :P

    Anyways how are you man ? hows your holidays going ? btw Great reviews for Basterds and Social Network!