Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club, 1999, USA
Director: David Fincher
Stars: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton & Helena Bonham Cater

"I ran... I ran until my muscles burned and veins pumped battery acid... Then I ran some more."

Most films are just categorised into stereotypical genres. However, Fight Club is one of the few films that does not need a category. Some may call it the 'ultimate guys film' were others would refer to it as a drama that demostrates how lonely we all are. No matter what way you look at it, Finchers 1999 film is a true American classic.

Brad Pitt delivers the performance of his life as the infamous 'Tyler Durden,' and Norton's character is one of the most interesting, monotone narrators of all time. The relationship between these two characters is what makes the film. It's a movie you can become truely imemersed in, but still be aware that you a are watching a film. The direct address and staggered time series is perfect. This film also give the influence that it has been tampered with by Tyler himself; he randomly pops up for a few seconds throughout the film. The inclussion of the "Nice Big Cock" was also hilarious, and smart.

It's a heavy film and requires a lot of concentration, but it's worth it. One of the most amazing films ever made.
***** (5)

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