Thursday, 18 October 2012

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Safety Not Guaranteed,2012
Director: Colin Trevorrow
Stars:  Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson & Mark Duplass
''There's no sense in nonsense, especially when the heat's hot.''

One of the years best surprises. On the surface its a film about time travel but at its heart, 'Safety Not Guaranteed' is so much more, Its a story of heartbreak,loneliness,love,regret and friendship.

The film can easily be brushed aside as an overly ambitious indie comedy, but the film succeeds in so much in areas that more prolific films fail to, Character development, There is so much to almost every a character on screen, you truly feel the human side of these people, Screenwriter Derek Connolly has done a fantastic job with the script, creating such a real atmosphere in such unreal circumstances.

There are many terrific performances throughout the film, Aubrey Plaza does a very good job in the lead role of the film, she is very likeable and easy to support. Jake Johnson is also great,playing a character whom would usually irritate me but hes able to find the human side in his role.Supporting players such as Jenica Bergere and Kristen Bell are also good, but in the end it was Mark Duplass who stole the show, He brought so much to such a quirky role which could have been dangerous if he went to over the top, but he is fantastic playing such a tragic and misunderstood character.

'Safety Not Guaranteed' is a beautiful and highly enjoyable journey of a film, With good Direction and Writing as well as terrific performances, The film has to be considered one of the best of 2012.


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