Saturday, 20 October 2012

Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

Paranormal Activity 4,2012,USA
Directors: Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman
Stars: Katie Featherson, Kathryn Newton & Matt Shively

                                                       ''He looks just like his mother...''

I'm sure the production team of the "Paranormal Activity'' have a checklist where the make sure to address the following in their films :

- Several hundred fakeout Jumpscares
- Person or Persons being pulled out of a bed by an invisible entity
- Disturbed children
- Pets that get in the way.
- Katie Featherson
- Abrupt climax
- Ambiguous ending that sets up for a sequel

There is no doubt that there is an obvious and simple formula behind these films, and with the fourth installment in the franchise "Paranormal Activity 4", all these elements return without any real exception.

As easy as it is to criticize. I cant help buy enjoy these films, their hasn't been a landmark film amongst them but their usually a lot of fun, With the arrival of the latest film, I heard numerous critics and audience goers label as the worst of the franchise, This lowered my already mild expectations.

In all honesty "Paranormal Activity 4" is very cliched and Its very familiar, its almost impossible to label it a 'good' film but it is possible to label a 'fun' film and what more can you ask from a found footage Horror film ?

There are plenty of fakeout moments, unnerving scenes, people staring at others etc. For the first time in the series though, I thought actors other than Katie Featherson were giving a decent performance, Kathryn Newton as the main heroine is actually really good here, and in what would usually be the most irritating character, Matt Shively is actually a lot of fun and always humorous.

I really like Directors Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman, They did a great job with their 'documentary' "Catfish" in 2010 and when they were announced as the Directors of ''Paranormal Activity 3'' I was very excited, and they didn't disappoint providing the best film of the series. When I found out they were staying on as Directors I was stoked, but they just make the exact same film with different characters, These guys are very talented and I'm sure they have a great future but they need to get out of this franchise while they still can.

When watching this film, I felt like the filmmakers basically told me that "I'm sorry, we have nothing for you story wise but look hes a cool visual using XBox Kinect!'' the story is almost non existent at this point and is obviously being drawn out for many more sequels, while entertaining "Paranormal Activity'' is nothing more than cheap money grab, while I'm most likely going to continue seeing these films, I really want something more, not just one new interesting visual in each movie, I want story progression, Throw in all the jump scares you want but please give something that remotely resembles a story! Is that so much to ask ?

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