Sunday, 28 October 2012

Night and Fog (1955)

Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard), 1955, French
Director: Alan Resnais
Narrator: Michel Bouquet

"Those of us who pretend to believe that all this happened at a certain time and in a certain place, and those who refuse to see, who do not hear the cry to the end of time."

Powerful, Horrifying,Heartbreaking,Haunting,Unforgettable.

"Night and Fog" is the definitive film of The Holocaust. In 32 minutes we are taken on a journey through the darkest time in human history.

Only 10 years after the Last of the concentration camps closed, Director Alain Resnais and Jean Cayrol give us an unrelenting and incredible look through the most notorious concentration camps with some of the most graphic footage to ever be witnessed. Scenes as decap

Francois Truffaut once called this film the greatest film of all time, How can that be argued with ? In my view there will never be another film that could replicate the everlasting effect of this film. We can never stop what happened but we can remember the Jewish who lost their lives to a ruthless Power hungry dictator and his sadistic henchmen.

"Night and Fog" is a haunting experience, but its an experience that has to be taken. You make never shake the effect from this film, It is truly something that has to be witnessed no words can truly describe ''Night and Fog'' , This is a brave film because it dealt with an issue that the world would have rather forgotten.


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