Friday, 19 October 2012

End Of Watch (2012)

End Of Watch,2012,USA
Director: David Ayer
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal,Michael Pena & Anna Kendrick

 '' I am the police, I'm here to arrest you, you've broken the law. I did not write the law, I may disagree with the law but I will enforce it. No matter how you plead, condole, beg or attempt to stir my sympathy. Nothing you do will stop me from placing you in a steel cage with gray bars.'' - Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal)

"End Of Watch'' Achieves a level of realism that most cop dramas can only dream of. Brilliant performances from the two leads,Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena, Who have unbelievable chemistry and truly get the most of each other and help each other create such human and great characters.

The success of this film though has to be attributed to Writer- Director David Ayer, Who does an absolutely phenomenal job creating such a realistic, gritty tale, He is truly able to display the life of a police officer in all its glory and misery, Ayer find the optimism in such pessimistic situations.

I hail this film for truly showing the dark and disturbing sides of being a police officer, not straying away from the darkness people are capable off. The film also provides some very humorous interactions between characters that make this film even more entertaining.

The only determent this film has in my opinion is the inclusion of scenes with the Gangsters planning their revenge on Gyllenhaal and Pena's characters, that's a very minimal complaint though, I would have just preferred that they weren't included. Also their are some Cop movie cliches the film falls into at times.

a truly riveting and profound film, That uses the technique of hand held footage to great effect. A very dark,disturbing yet humorous and realistic film that is an easy candidate for best film of 2012. Thank you David Ayer.


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