Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Fright Night (1985)

Fright Night,1985,USA
Director:Tom Holland
Stars:Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale and Amanda Bearse
"When a teenager learns that his next door neighbour is a vampire, no one will believe him."

"Welcome To Fright Night....For Real"- Jerry Dandrige

The 80's vampire classic, Fright Night is a Comedy-Horror from "Child's Play" Director Tom Holland and Although it may have lost most of its frightening aspects and became slightly forgotten over the years that doesn't take away from Fright Night's great entertainment value, Although it has had a slight resurrection thanks to a 2011 remake staring Colin Farrell, I still don’t think Fright Night gets enough attention or appreciation, I watched Fright Night a few months ago in preparation for the remake and was blown away by how much i liked it and it instantly became a favourite film of mine. The film is hugely enjoyable fun and features some terrific performances especially that of Chris Sarandon and of course Roddy Mcdowell.

The film revolves around horror film enthusiast teenager Charley Brewster, who becomes increasingly suspicious that he next door neighbour Jerry(Played By Chris Sarandon) is a “Creature of the night” When no one around him, including his Mother, Girlfriend Amy(Played by Amanda Bearse),Or even his vampire savvy friend “Evil” Ed believes him he acquires the help of Horror film actor Peter Vincent(Played By Roddy Mcdowell) As Charley does all he can to keep the lives of himself and everyone close to him safe.

The film is campy by modern standards but this add mores enjoyment in my opinion The film features some similarities to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece of suspense “Rear Window” ,When Charley becomes suspicious of Jerry’s odd activities it feels very reminiscent (Though obviously not in the same calibre) as Jimmy Stewart’s performance in Rear Window. The films special effects and make up add a nostalgic feel to the film and there is a lot of dated things such as clothing and some corny dialogue but it’s humorous to look back at these things now.

Fright Night features some unique and terrific performances, The star of the show is Chris Sarandon as Jerry, Sarandon gives a very charismatic and frightening performance and is threatening but also strangely likeable the whole film. I also really like Roddy Mcdowell’s performance as down and out Horror film star Peter Vincent, McDowell was a great actor and it’s so enjoyable to watch him on screen. William Ragsdale plays the role of Charley and has a disadvantage of playing the serious role and gets to have a lot less fun than everyone else does playing their roles but he still does a decent job. Stephen Geofferys plays Ed and is over the top but brilliant and brings so much humour and emotion to what would have a been a bland character.

Fright Night is a classic 80’s vampire film in the same vein as “The Lost Boys”, It is so entertaining and fun with terrific performances not to mention a great retro soundtrack.

Tom: 4/4

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