Friday, 16 December 2011

2012 Golden Globes Preview: Best Motion Picture - Drama

The Descendants

I'm aware of how little The Golden Globes seem to mean these days but the fact that its almost award season does get me excited so hes my prediction and hopes for the Best Motion Picture Drama AwardThe 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomintations were announced On December 15th

Best Motion Picture Drama:
The Descendants
The Help
The Ides Of March
War Horse

Unfortunently being Australian i have yet to see The Descendants,Hugo and War Horse as they have yet to be released here.

The Descendants was far and above my most anticipated film of 2011(Although it wont be released here until 2012) I'm a huge Alexander Payne and George Clooney and im happy to see this film nominated and i think its the big favorite to win.

My favorite film of the year though was "Moneyball which is also nominated,I was a huge fan of the film and thought it was close to perfection,im not sure if it can grab the award but i would be more than happy if it did.

The Help is a fine film with a great story,heartfelt message and terrific performances i don't think it will win but its great to see it nominated.

George Clooney's finely crafted political thriller "The Ides Of March" was another one of my favorite films of the year,Its terrifically made and features Great performances,I think it may be a contender to take out the prize

Hugo and War Horse are due to be released on Boxing Day here in Australia and i am eager to see both,Hugo has attracted rave reviews in the States and it would be great to Scorsese dominate awards season once again. I'm not sure of what to expected of War Horse,but seeing as its a Spielberg film it could possibly take home the Globe

Who I Want to win: Moneyball/The Descendants

Who I Think Will Win: The Descendants

Snubs: The Tree Of Life,Drive,Melancholia

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