Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 Movies

2011 Movies :
The Birds 3/4
Stranger Than Fiction 3.5/4
Mars Attack 2/4
The African Queen 3.5/4
High Anxiety 3/4
The Twilight Zone 2/4
Paths Of Glory 4/4
Psycho 4/4
...And Justice For All 3.5/4
The Killing 4/4
Being John Malkovich 3.5/4
I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale 3/4
Gone Baby Gone 3.5/4
12 Angry Men 4/4
Cool Hand Luke 3.5/4
Manhunter 2.5/4
Dracula 0/4
O'Lucky Malcolm 3/4
Psycho 4/4
The Last Detail 4/4
The Maltese Falcon 4/4
The Searchers 3.5/4
Network - 3.5/4
The Social Network 4/4
The Changeling3.5/4
Assault On Prescient 13 3.5/4
The Amityville Horror 2/4
Black Swan 4/4
The Fighter 4/4
Its A Wonderful Life 4/4
Cyrus 2.5/4
Rope 4/4
Silent Movie 3/4
High Anxiety 3/4
The Lady Vanishes 3.5/4
Rear Window 4/4
True Grit 4/4
Toy Story 3 3.5/4
Despicable Me (2010) 3/4
Alien 4/4
Phonebooth 3/4
Prom Night 1.5/4
Prom Night II : Hello Mary Lou 0.5/4
I <3 Huckabees 3/4
Blazing Saddles 4/4
Bride Of Frankenstein 1.5/4
The Kids Are All Right 2/4
Coraline 3.5/4
Prom Night - 0/4
Dinner For Schmucks 2/4
The Squid And The Whale 4/4
Boy 3/4
Harvie Krumpet 2/4
Man On Wire 4/4
The Shining 4/4
Planet Of The Apes 3/4
Edward Scissorhands 2/4
Eight Legged Freaks 0/4
127 Hours 4/4
Spy Hard 1.5/4
127 Hours 4/4
True Grit 4/4
Due Date 2/4
The Fighter 4/4
Cannibal Holocaust 1.5/4
The Ghost Writer 3.5/4
Mary And Max 2.5/4
Faster 1.5/4
Meet The Parents 3/4
Felon 3.5/4
The Messenger 2/4
Meet The Fockers 1/4
Fantastic Mr Fox 4/4
Paper Man 2.5/4
Buried 3/4
Paranormal Activity 2 2/4
Saturday Night Fever 3/4
Run Lola Run 3.5/4
Of Mice And Men 3/4
Let Me In 4/4
Fantastic Mr Fox 4/4
127 Hours 4/4
Black Swan 4/4
The Social Network 4/4
The Damned United 3.5/4
I'm Still Here 3.5/4
How Did they make a movie of "Facebook" 3/4
Se7en (1995) 4/4
Dial M For Murder 3.5/4
Catfish 2.5/4
Jackass 3-D 3/4
Conviction 3/4
Megamind 2.5/4
Blue Valentine 3/4
The Great Outdoors 2.5/4
Uncle Buck 2.5/4
How To Train Your Dragon 3/4
Get Low 3/4
Vanishing On 7th Street 1/4
Vacation 3.5/4
European Vacation 0/4
Sanctum 0/4
The Town 4/4
Buried 3/4
Police Academy 3/4
The Next Three Days 3.5/4
The American 2.5/4
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 3/4
The Loved Ones 3.5/4
Jackass 3D 3.5/4
The Number 23 0.5/4
The Social Network 4/4
The Wrestler 4/4
Reality Bites 2/4
Skyline 0/4
Matchstick Men 3/4
Coraline 3.5/4
Stone 0.5/4
The Fifth Element 2/4
Machete 1.5/4
Vegas Vacation 2/4
The Killer Inside Me 2.5/4 The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus 2/4
Frozen 0/4
The Royal Tenenbaums 3.5/4
Limitless 2/4
True Grit 4/4
Devil 2/4
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 3/4
Bottle Rocket 4/4
Last Action Hero 3/4
The Girl Who Played With Fire 2.5/4
Red 2.5/4
Secretariat 1.5/4
Greenberg 3.5/4
Pandorum 0/4
Rango 4/4
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 4/4
Dark City 3/4
Gattaca 3.5/4
Ghost World 3.5/4
Knowing 0/4
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas 4/4
Barton Fink 4/4
No Country For Old Men 4/4
Lost In Translation 4/4
Season Of The Witch 0/4
A.I Artificial Intelligence 2/4
Rubber 2.5/4
TRON:Legacy 2/4
The Kings Speech 3/4
Scream 2 2.5/4
Scream 3 1.5/4
Keeping The Faith 1.5/4
Scream 3.5/4
Raising Arizona 3/4
Sucker Punch 1/4
Open Range 2.5/4
The Manchurian Candidate 2.5/4
Caddyshack 3.5/4
Dead Man 3/4
Vacation 3/4
Rushmore 4/4
Hobo With A Shotgun 3/4
The Lincoln Lawyer 3.5/4
Battle: Los Angeles 0/4 Paul 1.5/4
Day Of The Dead 3.5/4
Dead Calm 2/4
Dawn Of The Dead 4/4
Evil Dead II 4/4
Reservoir Dogs 4/4
Fair Game 2.5/4
Night Of The Living Dead 3.5/4
Girl,Interrupted 3/4
Dawn Of The Dead 2/4
An Education 3/4
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4/4
The Lady Vanishes 4/4
A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2 : 1.5/4
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 : Dream Warriors 2/4
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 : The Dream Master 1.5/4
25th Hour 4/4
Scream 4 3/4
Scream 4/4
Almost Famous 3/4
All Quiet On The Western Front 3.5/4
Election 3.5/4
Cape Fear 3.5/4
They Live 3.5/4
Number Seventeen 1/4
The Thing 4/4
Minority Report 4/4
Easy Rider 4/4
Dog Day Afternoon 4/4
A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child 1/4
Freddy's Dead : The Final Nightmare 0/4
Wes Craven's New Nightmare 2.5/4
Friday The 13th 3/4
Scream 4/4
High Noon 4/4
Full Metal Jacket 4/4
Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures 4/4
Friday The 13th Part II 2/4
Friday The 13th Part III 1.5/4
2001: A Space Odyssey 4/4
Halloween 4/4
TRON 3/4
Fargo 3.5/4
Once Upon A Time In America 3.5/4
Red Hill 3/4
Scream 2 2.5/4
Scream 3 1.5/4
127 Hours 4/4
The Marc Pease Experience 2/4
Frequency 2/4
Monsters 2/4
Caddyshack II 0/4
Fletch 3/4
Scream 4/4
Arlington Road 3/4
Shadow Of A Doubt 3.5/4
Rope 3.5/4
Saboteur 3.5/4
Family Plot 3/4
The Birds 3/4
Psycho 4/4
Vertigo 3.5/4
The Trouble With Harry 3.5/4
Blackmail 3/4
North By Northwest 4/4
The Lawnmower Man 0.5/4
Thirteen Ghosts 1/4
The Howling 2/4
Rebecca - 3.5/4
Harvey - 3.5/4
To Catch A Thief - 3/4
Notorious - 3/4
Scream 4 - 3/4
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2- 2/4
Peeping Tom - 3/4
Bruiser - 1.5/4
Legend of the Guardians - 1.5/4
Red Eye - 3/4
Leprechaun - 0/4
Somewhere - 4/4
The Apartment - 3.5/4
Blood Work - 2.5/4
I Love You Too - 2.5/4
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2.5/4
Sunshine - 2/4
The City Of Your Final Destination - 2/4
My Soul To Take - 0/4
Halloween III : Season Of The Witch - 1.5/4
Final Destination - 2/4
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 4/4
Final Destination 2 - 1/4
The Butterfly Effect - 2.5/4
An American Haunting - 0/4
Halloween III - 1.5/4
The Graduate - 4/4
Interview With A Vampire - 1.5/4
Clerks - 4/4
The Wicker Man - 3/4
The Dilemma - 2/4
Love And Other Drugs 2.5/4
Tremors - 2.5/4
The Wicker Man - 0.5/4
Sea Beast - 0/4
Saw III - 2.5/4
Italian Job - 2/4
The Echo - 2/4
Saw 3D - 0.5/4
Silent Night,Deadly Night - 2.5/4
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 - 1.5/4
Insidious - 3.5/4
Drive Angry - 1.5/4
Rio - 2.5/4
Just Go With It - 2/4
No Strings Attached 2.5/4
Army of Darkness - 3/4
Ed Gein : The Butcher Of Plainfield - 0/4
Beastly - 2/4
Road Train - 0/4
Winters Bone - 2.5/4
Stalag 17: - 4/4
Half Nelson - 3/4
Three Kings - 4/4
Saw - 3/4
TRON - 3/4
Days Of Thunder - 1.5/4
From Here To Eternity 3.5/4
Von Ryan's Express - 3/4
Halloween - 1.5/4
Whip It - 3/4
Burke & Hare - 2/4
Airplane! - 3.5/4
Airplane II: The Sequel - 3/4
Hostel - 2.5/4
Gosford Park - 3.5/4
Driving Miss Daisy - 3.5/4
Duel - 4/4
Stand By Me - 4/4
Blue Velvet - 4/4
Coach Carter - 3/4
An Affair To Remember - 3/4
The Fighter - 3.5/4
Synecdoche New York - 3.5/4
Scream - 4/4
Black Swan - 4/4
Observe And Report - 3/4
The Resident - 2/4
Water For Elephants - 2/4
Hall Pass - 2.5/4
How Do You Know - 2/4
Spooner - 3/4
The Lincoln Lawyer - 3.5/4
Straw Dogs - 4/4
Johnny Got His Gun - 3.5/4
12 Angry Men - 4/4
Judgment At Nuremberg - 3/4
Scream 2 - 2.5/4
The Ward - 2.5/4
See No Evil - 0/4
Clerks II - 3.5/4
To Kill A Mockingbird - 3.5/4
Black Christmas - 3.5/4
Mean Streets - 3.5/4
Cedar Rapids -2/4
The Grapes Of Wrath - 3.5/4
Black Christmas - 3.5/4
True Grit - 3/4
Suspiria - 3.5/4
Family Guy: Blue Harvest - 2.5/4
True Grit - 4/4
Scream 3 - 1.5/4
Lost Highway - 3/4
The Goonies - 3/4
The Blair Witch Project - 2.5/4
Curse Of Blair Witch - 2/4
The Naked Gun - 3/4
Super 8 - 1.5/4
Lolita - 3.5/4
127 Hours - 4/4
God Of Love - 3.5/4
Search & Rescue - 3/4
127 Hours : An Extraordinary view - 3/4
28 Days Later - 3.5/4
Superman - 3.5/4
Wolf Creek - 1.5/4
Prom Night - 1.5/4
Rabbit Hole - 3.5/4
Don't Look Now - 3/4
Drag Me To Hell - 3.5/4
Rachel Getting Married 3.5/4
The Untouchables - 4/4
Pulp Fiction - 4/4
Fanboys - 2.5/4
Nowhere Boy - 2.5/4
Friday The 13th (2009) - 0/4
The Company Men - 3/4
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - 2.5/4
The Night Of The Hunter - 3.5/4
Scream - 4/4
Jackass 3.5 : - 3.5/4
Scream 4 - 2.5/4
Final Destination 3 : - 3/4
The Final Destination - 1/4
I Am Omega - 0.5/4
Hanna - 3/4
The Hangover Part II -0.5/4
Bridesmaids - 3/4
Teaching Mrs. Tingle - 1.5/4
Source Code - 4/4
Mars Needs Moms - 1.5/4
The Roommate - 2/4
The Adjustment Bureau - 2.5/4
Henry's Crime - 2.5/4
Scary Movie - 2.5/4
Scary Movie 2 - 1.5/4
Scary Movie 3 - 2.5/4
United 93 - 3.5/4
Arthur - 3/4
Police Academy 2 : - 2/4
Police Academy 3 : - 1/4
Hop - 1.5/4
Priest - 0/4
Yogi Bear - 1/4
Never Let Me Go - 4/4
Police Academy 4 :- 2.5/4
Insidious - 3.5/4
Superman II - 3/4
Police Academy 5 : - 2/4
Quarantine 2 : - 3/4
The Hills Have Eyes - 2.5/4
Superman III - 3/4
Police Academy 6 : - 1.5/4
Short Circuit - 3/4
You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger - 2.5/4
Kung Fu Panda 2 : - 1.5/4
Police Academy 7: - 1/4
Anaconda - 2.5/4
Morning Glory - 3/4
Funny People - 4/4
Scream 4: - 3/4
The Hills Have Eyes II 1.5/4
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: 2/4
Spooner - 3.5/4
Scream 2: - 3/4
The Basketball Diaries 3.5/4
Insidious - 3.5/4
Bad Teacher - 2/4
Paranoid Activity 2 - 0.5/4
Fast Five - 3/4
X-Men: First Class - 3/4
Rango - 4/4
Scream - 4/4
Monster House - 3.5/4
Orphan - 2.5/4
Harry Potter 7 P1 - 2.5/4
Psycho II - 2/4
Five Easy Pieces - 3.5/4
Psycho III - 2/4
Psycho IV - 2/4
The Incredibles - 4/4
Maximum Overdrive - 1.5/4
Apocalypse Now - 4/4
American Graffiti - 3.5/4
Dazed And Confused - 3.5/4
Fast Times At Ridgemont High - 3.5/4
Unknown - 2/4
Jamie Kennedy : Uncomfortable - 3/4
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - 3/4
Take Me Home Tonight - 2/4
The Lost Boys - 3/4
Superman IV - 1.5/4
Yellowbrickroad - 0.5/4
Final Destination - 3/4
Romeo + Juliet - 2/4
The Third Man - 4/4
Jaws 3: - 2/4
Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon - 3/4
The Descent - 3/4
The Omen (2006) - 2/4
I Spit On Your Grave - 3/4
Carrie - 3.5/4
Flight 93 - 3/4
Scream - 4/4
The Killing - 4/4
Taxi Driver - 4/4
The King Of Comedy - 3.5/4
When A Stranger Calls - 1/4
Friday The 13th P8 - 1/4
The Lost World: JP - 2.5/4
They Shoot Horses,Don't They - 3.5/4
The Machinist - 4/4
The Faculty - 3/4
Arthur (1981) - 3/4
Cube - 3.5/4
The Cannonball Run - 2.5/4
The Descent: P2 - 2.5/4
Robot Chicken: SW 3: - 1/4
Urban Legend - 2/4
Fright Night : 4/4
Candyman - 2.5/4
Murderball - 4/4
Lars And The Real Girl - 3.5/4
Poltergeist - 2/4
Trainspotting - 4/4
Final Destination 2 - 1.5/4
The Mask - 3/4
The Princess Bride - 4/4
Caddyshack - 4/4
Friday The 13th :3/4
Crank - 2.5/4
They Call Me Trinity - 3/4
Blow - 3/4
The Usual Suspects - 3.5/4
Friday The 13th P2 2.5/4
Network - 3.5/4
Roman Holiday - 3.5/4
Friday The 13th P3 - 1.5/4
Robocop - 3/4
The Boondock Saints - 2.5/4
Final Destination 5: - 3/4
Fright Night (2011) - 2.5/4
Fright Night (1985) - 4/4
Black Christmas - 3.5/4
Psycho III - 2/4
Final Destination 3 -3/4
The Shining - 4/4
They Call Me Mr Tibbs - 3/4
Adventureland - 3/4
Your Highness - 2.5/4
Psycho II - 3/4
Psycho IV - 2/4
The Final Destination - 1.5/4
Thor - 3/4
Final Destination 5 - 3/4
Vacancy - 3/4
Vacancy 2 - 1.5/4
Knocked Up - 4/4
Urban Legend 2 - 1.5/4
Urban Legend 3 - 1/4
Urban Legend - 2/4
I Spit On Your Grave - 2.5/4
Assault On Prescient 13 - 3.5/4
Jurassic Park III - 2.5/4
Holy Rollers - 2.5/4
Secret Window - 3/4
Sideways - 4/4
Starship Troopers - 3.5/4
It's kinda Of A Funny Story - 2.5/4
A Trip To The Moon - 3.5/4
The Great Train Robbery 3/4
City Slickers - 3/4
Millions - 3/4
Tightrope - 2.5/4
White Heat - 4/4
Cujo - 2/4
Full-Tilt Boogie - 3/4
Fahrenheit 9/11 : 3.5/4
Attack The Block - 2.5/4
Red State - 3/4
Snowtown - 3/4
Bowling For Columbine - 4/4
Touching The Void - 3/4
Solaris - 1.5/4
Cube 2: Hypercube - 2/4
Best In Show - 3.5/4
The Crying Game - 3.5/4
Capitalism: A Love Story - 3.5/4
Super Size Me - 2.5/4
Cocoon - 3/4
Sicko - 3.5/4
Cocoon: The Return - 2.5/4
Mallrats - 3.5/4
The Philadelphia Experiment 1.5/4
My Bloody Valentine - 2.5/4
Sudden Impact - 2.5/4
Contagion - 3.5/4
Red Heat - 2/4
Exorcismus - 1.5/4
What Just Happened - 2/4
American Psycho - 4/4
The Big Lebowski - 4/4
The Village Of The Damned - 1/4
American Psycho II - 2/4
Eyes Wide Shut - 4/4
Dirty Harry - 3.5/4
Conan The Barbarian - 2/4
Annie Hall - 4/4
Secretary - 3/4
Tango & Cash - 3/4
The Ring - 3.5/4
Rings - 2.5/4
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid - 3.5/4
The Silence Of The Lambs - 4/4
Gothika - 2/4
The Ring Two - 1.5/4
Cruel Intentions - 3/4
Trick r Treat - 3.5/4
The Shootist - 3.5/4
Snakes On A Plane - 1.5/4
Death Proof - 2.5/4
12 Angry Men - 4/4
Everything Must Go - 2.5/4
Meatballs - 2.5/4
Anchorman - 2/4
Old School - 2.5/4
Stripes - 3.5/4
Tucker And Dale Vs Evil - 3.5/4
Troll - 0.5/4
Starman - 3.5/4
Troll 2: - 0/4
The Skeleton Key - 2/4
The Hitcher - 3.5/4
The Treasure Of Sierra Madre 3/4
Halloween II - 3.5/4
The Frighteners - 3/4
Darkman - 2.5/4
Tootsie - 3/4
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark 1.5/4
Rango - 4/4
Broadcast News - 3.5/4
Schindler's List - 4/4
This Is Spinal Tap - 4/4
The Game - 3.5/4
A Fistful Of Dollars - 4/4
Monster House - 3.5/4
Pirates Of Silicon Valley - 3.5/4
Harold and Kumar 2 :- 3/4
Drive - 4/4
Scream 4 - 2.5/4
The Thing - 4/4
The Thing (2011):- 1.5/4
HUD - 3/4
Friday The 13th Part V - 0.5/4
Hostel Part II - 2.5/4
O Brother,Where Art Thou ? 3.5/4
Modern Times - 4/4
No Way Out - 3/4
The Thing (1951):- 2.5/4
Citizen Kane - 4/4
Wonder Boys - 3.5/4
Captain America - 2/4
The Smurfs - 2/4
Sea Of Love - 3/4
All Good Things - 2/4
Paranormal Activity 3 : -3/4
The Wizard Of Oz - 3.5/4
A Simple Plan - 3/4
Fantasia 2000 - 3/4
Roger & Me - 3.5/4
Porky's - 3/4
Horrible Bosses - 3/4
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 3/4
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - 3.5/4
Halloween III - 2/4
Bambi - 3/4
The Muppets Movie - 3/4
My Darling Clementine - 3/4
Terri - 2.5/4
Swamp Thing - 1.5/4
Porky's II: The Next Day - 1.5/4
Man On The Moon - 3.5/4
Fright Night - 4/4
A Perfect Murder - 3/4
Halloween 4: - 1/4
Harold And Kumar:GTWC - 3.5/4
Heathers - 3.5/4
The Zookeeper - 2/4
Trespass - 1/4
Green Lantern - 2.5/4
Halloween - 4/4
The Jacket - 2.5/4
From Hell - 2.5/4
Green Street Hooligans - 1.5/4
Good Will Hunting - 4/4
The Jerk - 3/4
All The Right Moves - 1.5/4
Romancing The Stone - 3/4
Thank You For Smoking - 3/4
Sometimes They Come Back -1/4
30 Minutes Or Less - 3/4
Midnight In Paris - 3.5/4
Hellraiser : Revelations - 0.5/4
Melancholia - 4/4
Larry Crowne - 1.5/4
Twilight Zone : The Movie - 2.5/4
The Son Of No One - 1.5/4
The Big Lebowski - 4/4
Me,Myself & Irene - 1.5/4
A Serious Man - 3.5/4
Moneyball - 4/4
Nightmare 3: DW - 1.5/4
Signs - 2.5/4
Moon - 4/4
The Amityville Horror - 1.5/4
Trick 'r Treat - 3/4
Batman Begins - 4/4
In Bruges - 3.5/4
Super 8 - 2.5/4
Father Of Invention - 2/4
Paranormal Activity 2 : 2/4
Toy Story - 3.5/4
Toy Story 2- 3.5/4
Weird Science - 3/4
The Stepford Wives - 3/4
Gattaca - 3.5/4
The Ides Of March - 3.5/4
Equilibrium - 3/4
The Sixth Sense - 3.5/4
Sleeping Beauty - 3/4
The Boy In Striped Pyjamas - 2/4
Red Dog- 2.5/4
Fracture - 3/4
The Odd Couple - 3/4
Bad Santa - 3.5/4
The House Of The Devil - 3/4
Friday The 13th The Final Chapter - 2/4
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs - 3/4
The Vanishing - 4/4
Hearts Of Darkness - 4/4
Twin Peaks - 3/4
The Blair Witch Project - 3/4
Friday The 13th PVI - 1.5/4
American Pie - 3/4
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - 3.5/4
Cowboys & Aliens - 1.5/4
Brassed Off - 2.5/4
Friday The 13th P7 - 1.5/4
Hellraiser - 1.5/4
The Tree Of Life - 3.5/4
The Beaver - 3/4
Mr Poppers Penguins - 1.5/4
Return Of The Living Dead 2 - 2/4
Murder On The Orient Express 3/4
Ruthless People - 3/4
50/50 - 4/4
Straw Dogs - 2.5/4
Warrior - 2.5/4
The Thing (2011) - 1.5/4
Charlie Bartlett - 3.5/4
Pleasantville - 3.5/4
In Time - 2.5/4
In The Line Of Fire - 3/4
Fright Night - 3.5/4
Dolphin Tale - 2/4
Hannibal - 2/4
Back To The Future - 4/4
The Help - 3.5/4
Bubba Ho-Tep - 2.5/4
Red Dragon - 3/4
Primal Fear - 2.5/4
Identity - 3/4
Millers Crossing - 3/4
Crazy,Stupid,Love - 3/4
Cat's Eye - 2.5/4
Beneath The Planet Of The Apes - 1/4
Breaking The Code:Behind The Walls Of Jericho - 4/4
Terror Train - 3/4

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) New Tralier

The Dark Knight Rises,2012,USA
Release Date: July 19th 2012 (Australia)
Director:Christopher Nolan
Stars:Christian Bale,Michael Caine and Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy stars as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises
Christopher Nolan's final and epic conclusion to his acclaimed and majorly successful Batman franchise is on its way.The official theatrical trailer hit the web on Tuesday and it looks amazing.

The Film takes place eight years after the events of "The Dark Knight" as new villain a terrorist by the name of Bane is causing havoc in Gotham City,Now Batman who's was shunned by the world after taking the fall for the crimes of Harvey Dent must resurface in order to stop Bane's reign of chaos.

I wasn't sure how Nolan would be able to handle the Bane character in the super serious world they have created but from the looks of the trailer Bane looks as good and as intimidating as The Joker in The Dark Knight.While the trailer looked extremely good, I like a lot of people didn't like the look of the football scenes,but im hoping Nolan will find a way to make it work.We also get little of Anne Hathaway's Cat woman character but im sure she will be prominent in the film.

Hopefully Christopher Nolan ends his highly sucesefull franchise with another great film that matches up to "Batman Begins and "The Dark Knight".The Dark Knight Rises rejoins cast members Christian Bale,Michael Caine,Gary Oldman,Cillian Murphy and Morgan Freeman along with newcomers Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Levitt and will be released July 19th 2012 in Australia.Check out the trailer below.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Nightmare At 20,000 Feet (1963)

The Twilight Zone:Nightmare At 20,000 Feet (s5 Ep123),1963,USA
Director: Richard Donner
Stars: William Shatner,Christine White and Ed Kemmer
Original Air Date: 11th Of October 1963
"A man, newly recovered from a nervous breakdown, becomes convinced that a monster only he sees is damaging the plane he's flying in."

"The flight of Mr. Robert Wilson has ended now, a flight not only from point A to point B, but also from the fear of recurring mental breakdown. Mr. Wilson has that fear no longer... though, for the moment, he is, as he has said, alone in this assurance. Happily, his conviction will not remain isolated too much longer, for happily, tangible manifestation is very often left as evidence of trespass, even from so intangible a quarter as the Twilight Zone." - Rod Serling

Through all of its five season and 156 episodes Rod Serling’s legendary Series “Twilight Zone”  managed to captivate, scare, touch and above all thrill its audience. Through its five seasons there were many  terrific and thrilling episodes, From “Time Enought At Last” and  “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” to the unforgettable “Eye Of The Beholder” and “To Serve Man”, There are so many episodes that will never be forgotten no matter how many years pass. In my opinion no other show in history was able to dish out as many thrills or scares as Zone and there may be no more thrilling an episode than Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.

Nightmare takes place on a plane 20,000 feet above the air,Our main character is Bob Wilson  a man who has just recovered from a nervous breakdown,Bob and his wife look to return home and live a normal and happy life with their family,But unfortunenlty that's not going to happen,he may not know it yet but Mr Bob Wilson has just entered the darkest depths of The Twilight Zone.

Nightmare At 20,000 in my mind may be the very best episode of the Twilight Zone,Its a simple yet horrifying tale that is brilliantly written by Richard Matheson and  executed by Director Richard Donner(Superman:The Movie,Lethal Weapon,The Goonies), The story of a man who is at war with his own  mind is a scary enough concept but to set in 20,000 feet in the claustrophobic space of an airplane is terrifying,not to mention a gremlin on the wing which only he can see.Donner directs Matheson's tale superbly as he packs in some superb thrills with a huge amount of excitement. This segment was later remade for Twilight Zone:The Movie.

William Shatner portrays the distressed passenger and is phenomenal,His performance is utterly convincing as he plays it perfectly. The only problem i have with this episode is the look of the Gremlin,The makeup on the face looks fine but it seems like the actor is wearing a fat suit covered by hair but he gives a fine performance,I think the look was improved in Twilight Zone:The Movie (although not as effective), Other than that this is a perfect episode.

Nightmare At 20,000 Feet is one of if not the best Twilight Zone has to offer,It is extremely frightening and thrilling with great Direction form, Donner,thrilling writing from Matheson and a terrific performance from Shatner. Unmissable! I Give Nightmare At 20,000 Feet 5 Distressed William Shatner's Out Of Five.

Friday, 16 December 2011

2012 Golden Globes Preview: Best Motion Picture - Drama

The Descendants

I'm aware of how little The Golden Globes seem to mean these days but the fact that its almost award season does get me excited so hes my prediction and hopes for the Best Motion Picture Drama AwardThe 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomintations were announced On December 15th

Best Motion Picture Drama:
The Descendants
The Help
The Ides Of March
War Horse

Unfortunently being Australian i have yet to see The Descendants,Hugo and War Horse as they have yet to be released here.

The Descendants was far and above my most anticipated film of 2011(Although it wont be released here until 2012) I'm a huge Alexander Payne and George Clooney and im happy to see this film nominated and i think its the big favorite to win.

My favorite film of the year though was "Moneyball which is also nominated,I was a huge fan of the film and thought it was close to perfection,im not sure if it can grab the award but i would be more than happy if it did.

The Help is a fine film with a great story,heartfelt message and terrific performances i don't think it will win but its great to see it nominated.

George Clooney's finely crafted political thriller "The Ides Of March" was another one of my favorite films of the year,Its terrifically made and features Great performances,I think it may be a contender to take out the prize

Hugo and War Horse are due to be released on Boxing Day here in Australia and i am eager to see both,Hugo has attracted rave reviews in the States and it would be great to Scorsese dominate awards season once again. I'm not sure of what to expected of War Horse,but seeing as its a Spielberg film it could possibly take home the Globe

Who I Want to win: Moneyball/The Descendants

Who I Think Will Win: The Descendants

Snubs: The Tree Of Life,Drive,Melancholia

Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Help (2011)

The Help,2011,USA
Director:Tate Taylor
Stars:Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer
 "An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960's decides to write a book detailing the African-American maid's point of view on the white families for which they work, and the hardships they go through on a daily basis."

 "18 people were killed in Jackson that night. 10 white and 8 black. I don't think God has color in mind when he sets a tornado loose."

Weather you see "The Help" as a testament to the adversity that the African American people were forced to deal with in 20th century or just a sentimental feel good tale about the poor fighting back at the rich,The Help is a story that needed to be told. The Help is based on the novel of the same name by Kathryn Stockett, although the story is not based on factual events History has told us that these things happened, By these things I mean Rich White Americans treating African Americans like second class citizens and having their women work as house maids for less than minimum wage. Stockett's novel was released in 2009 and went on to become a worldwide phenomenon and just a mere two years later her story was Adapted for the big screen. Directed by a relatively newcomer Tate Taylor and featuring a highly impressive female ensemble cast led by Emma Stone,Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer,The Help is a film that feature  both  its upbeat and comedic moments but also depicts the struggles that these women faced, The Help handles all these elements well and creates an emotional,inspiring and thought provoking  cinematic experience.

The story revolves around young well off White girl named Skeeter (Played By Emma Stone),who seemingly everyday witnesses the tough predicaments that are forced upon African American maids, looking to secure a book deal in New York, Skeeter comes up with the idea of interviewing the maids and hearing their stories, This is heavily frowned upon so Skeeter does in it secret and with the help of two willing maids Skeeter intends to get their story out and make the rich realize the pain they cause.

I’m not much of a reader and have never read the novel so I can’t comment on the films loyalty to its source material but the story in which the film creates is very well done, It may be a cliché but we see the bitterness and harshness of the rich population and the way in which they treat the African Americans which is barely human as they go to great lengths to make them feel small such as not letting them use the same bathrooms as them and claiming they have different diseases. The Help goes all the way in depicting the cruelness and doesn’t seem to try and escape it for something more crowd pleasing Although the film does have its feel good and tear jerking moments they aren’t substituted in intentionally. The film features a uplifting tone as the characters of Skeeter and Abilene become somewhat heroic. The film is also beautifully photographed with great scenery and cinematography.

The cast is terrific in this film,Emma Stone once again gives another terrific performance as Skeeter, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer give Oscar Worthy supporting roles, Jessica Chastain is great as is Bryce Dallas Howard as the character the audience is supposed to hate.

The Help is a very well made and great film, terrific performances and an emotionally gripping storyline make this one hard to miss. Although it may have a tedious length at 146 minutes long i definitely think it’s worth your time.

Tom: 3.5/4

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

In Time (2011)

In Time,2011,USA
Director:Andrew Niccol
Stars:Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy

"In a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Here, Will Salas finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage - a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system."

"Will Salas: For a few immortals to live, many people must die.
Raymond Leon: Wrong!"

In Time boasts an impressive cast and extremly unique and original concept which sepertes it from the average mindless Summer blockbuster.Director Andrew Niccol who's debut film "Gattaca" is recognized as a Sci Fi Classic,takes on the Directing and writing duties for In Time,He brings his signature high concept Science fiction and highly polished style to the film,While In Time is a flawed film with large plot holes it is enjoyable film and better than i expected.

In Time uses its unique plot to create a world where people live a life of uncertainty,Where after a person turns 25 they only have a year to live unless they acquire more time.It is a very intricate and complicated plot but In Time does well to adapt to it and create a believable world for the characters to work in,although it's not compelling it is enjoyable.

The film stars Justin Timberlake in its lead role,Timberlake has made a nice transition from music to film with such roles in "The Social Network","Bad Teacher" and "Friends With Benefits",With In Time Timberlake continues this run with a good performance here,although i think i had more experience could have handled it better.
Amanda Seyfried stars alongside him and also does a good job.The brilliant Cillian Murphy also does the best with what he has.In Time does under utilize some of its cast members especially Olivia Wilde and Johnny Galecki.

In Time is a decent blockbuster with more intelligence and stylized action than a "Transformers" film for instance.In Time's original and unique concept is just enough for me to recommend it,but its far from perfect science fiction.

Tom: 2.5/4

Pleasantville (1998)

Director:Gary Ross
Stars:Tobey Maguire, Jeff Daniels and Joan Allen

"Two 1990's teenagers find themselves in a 1950's sitcom where their influence begins to profoundly change that complacent world."

"Well, he's not homeless, Howard, they just don't say where he lives. - Well, it's a silly question! - Because nobody's homeless in Pleasantville. 'Cause that's just not what it's like."

A close friend of mine recently reccomended "Pleasantville" to me,I dont think i had ever heard of it before,I am suprised because Pleasantville is a uniquely briilant and original film,Pleasantville feels a lot like one of the more light hearted episodes of "The Twilight Zone" with its plot which it executes really well.The film is the Directorial debut of Gary Ross,Who wrote such other fantasy films as the Tom Hanks-Penny Marshall classic "Big",Ross brings to this film the same magic and imagination he brought to "Big" and creates a terrific film experience.

A brother and Sister named David(Maguire)and Jennifer(Reese Witherspoon) are accidentally sucked in to a 1950's TV show from a remote they acquired from a mysterious TV repairman,They are forced to adapt to a 1950's lifestyle which includes a Black and white color and must be careful not to make any drastic changes which could alter Pleasantville and stopped them from returning home to the 1990's.

The message of Pleasantville is a relateable one which is Being honest with yourself ,for better or worse,adds a great deal of color to your life.Director Gary Ross sends this message in his own creative and inventive way as we see multiple characters who end up better or worse because of this message.The influence of the two modern teenagers becomes relevant as they bring sex and profanity amongst other things into this quite town and the town slowly becomes filled with color.Pleasantville is extremely well made its features many intricate and complicated shots and effects as the color begins to reign over the town.

The film features some good performances,Toby Maguire is great,Reese Witherspoon is good in the first half but her character changes and she is slightly forgotten towards the end,Jeff Daniels,Joan Allen and William H Macy also provide good support in their roles.

Pleasantville is a very underrated comedic Drama,its features good comedic,dramatic and emotional moments that are satisfyingly executed.Pleasantville is a good hearted drama that should have got more exposure when it was released.


Monday, 12 December 2011

To Serve Man (1962)

Twilight Zone:To Serve Man(Season 3,Episode 89),1962,USA
Director:Richard L. Bare
Stars:Lloyd Bochner, Susan Cummings and Richard Kiel
Original Air Date: 2 March 1962

"An alien race comes to earth, promising peace and sharing technology. A linguist and his team set out to translate the alien's language, using a book whose title they deduce is "To Serve Man"".

"The recollections of one Michael Chambers with appropriate flashbacks and soliloquy. Or more simply stated, the evolution of man. The cycle of going from dust to dessert. The metamorphosis from being the ruler of a planet to an ingredient in someone's soup. It's tonight's bill of fare from The Twilight Zone." - Rod Serling

A couple of months ago i began watching The Twilight Zone,Rod Serling's legendary antholgy Television series that covers all genres from Science Fiction to Fantasy to Horror and even the odd comedy.The Twilight Zone has quickly become my favorite television show of all time,its unlike anything I've ever seen,from The unforgettable theme song to brilliant stories and horrifying plot ttwist and Serling's iconic narration,those are just a few things that keep the Twilight Zone so fresh in peoples minds after 47 off the air.During its five season run there were many amazing and iconic episodes such as "Time Enough At Last","The Eye Of The Beholder" or "Nightmare At 20.000 Feet" but arguably the most talked about and remembered would have to be "To Serve Man" its a simple tale with horrific twist that still manages to shock viewers.

Aliens called the Kanamits arrive from another planet and confront the leaders of Earth,They have only one thing on there agender and that is To Serve Man but eliminating such world problems as Famine by promosing peace and sharing their share technology but of course this is the Twilight Zone and nothing is as it seems.As a linguist and his team set out to translate the alien's language, using a book whose title they deduce is "To Serve Man" They discover the way in which the Kanamits intend to Serve man.

To Serve Man isnt the most intelligent or visually appealing episode of The Twilight Zone in fact its a simple tale but Serlings writing pulls the carpet from underneath the audience with it's iconic twist that takes place late the episode.To Serve Man is terrific though,tremendously well made and acted and the makeup effects on Kanamits still look unique.

To Serve Man is truly one of the very best episodes The Twilight Zone has to offer,Which is saying a lot,Its still extremely effective and frightening and i don't think it can ever be forgotten,Due to it being spoofed in such things as "The Simpsons" and "The Naked Gun 2 1/2" to name a few.To Serve Man lives up to all its hype and should definently be in all Zone fans all time favorite episodes.

To Serve Man: 4/4

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Warrior (2011)

Director:Gavin O'Connor
Stars:Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte and Joel Edgerton

"The youngest son (Hardy) of an alcoholic former boxer (Nolte) returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament -- a path that puts the fighter on a collision corner with his older brother (Edgerton)."

"So you found God, huh? That's awesome. See, Mom kept calling out for him but he wasn't around. I guess Jesus was down at the mill forgiving all the drunks. Who knew?" - Tom Conlon

Warrior is an inspiring tale of brotherhood and overcoming the odds,but being a fictional sports film it does feature a number of extremely obvious cliches that for me personally took away from the film's emotional punch.Despite that the film is very well acted from lead stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton who play the two brothers who are set to collide and whom are both desperate to win.My biggest problem with Warrior is that while its not a bad film it just uses many real life elements,names,brands and problems and just serves them up in over the top and highly unlikely ways which are off putting.

Tommy Conlon is back in town after a falling out with alcoholic father(Played By Nick Nolte) Tommy is former champion fighter but after hitting rock bottom is ready to fight again requiring the assistance of his battered father.Tommy's brother Brendan is a Physics teacher and family man who is on the verge of bankrupcy,fearing the worst Brendan goes to great measures to make a better life for his family by entering midnight fights in the parking lot of a strip club.The brothers are entered into an international MMA tournament where the winner will receive $5 Million Dollars, Desperate to win both brothers must face each other in the final.

From the look of trailers I thought Warrior looked very similar to last years Academy Award winning film "The Fighter" especially the element of distant brothers and family members,Unlike The Fighter, Warrior doesn't have the distinction of being based on real life events and The Fighter is a much better film because of the realty and quality.Warrior isn't all bad though it is a heart warming tale despite its story flaws,The way in which the film shoe horns in a military element is quite ridiculous,The performances are the cornerstone of the films charm as it features some terrific ones and also its fight scenes are really well done and choreographed.

Tom Hardy continues his good run of form and gives another solid performance here as Tommy.Nick Nolte is also good in his role as Paddy,But it is Australian actor Joel Edgerton who in my opinion steals the show,He plays the underdog character terrifically and you really get behind and support him which is a credit to Edgerton's acting ability.

Warrior isn't a bad film but its use of overdone cliches kept me from loving it,Although its flawed story isn't told in a bad way.The films saving grace is its terrific performances especially Edgerton's.Warrior is an entertaining and inspiring way to spend 2 and a half hours but just don't except the enthralling and intelligent film that "The Fighter" was.

Tom: 2.5/4

Saturday, 10 December 2011

50/50 (2011)

Director:Jonathan Levine
Stars:Joseph Gordon Levitt,Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick

"Inspired by a true story, a comedy centered on a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis, and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease."

"Adam: A tumor?
Dr. Ross: Yes.
Adam: Me?
Dr. Ross: Yes.
Adam: That doesn't make any sense though. I mean... I don't smoke, I don't drink... I recycle..."

There are few films that have been released in 2011 that have got the emotional reaction out of me that 50/50 did,which resulted in it being one of my favorite films of the year.The film excels in both the Comedy and genre as it is filled with hilarious humor while at the same time is extremely moving with many emotional scenes .50/50 is based on the true story of Screenwriter Will Reiser and his battle with a rare type of cancer.The film gets across its strong message of The Importance of friends and family during a personal crisis,The film is absolute triumph and is a credit to everyone involved.

The film stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as Adam,a young radio journalist who lives a regular life living with girlfriend Rachael(Played By Bryce Dallas Howard) and works with his lovable best friend Kyle(Played By Seth Rogen),After suffering a receent case of back pains Adam goes to a doctors to get them checked but discovers that he has a life threatening form of cancer,With a 50/50% chance of making it through alive Adam must be able to count on the people closest to him to support him.

For a comedic Drama 50/50 tackles a pretty serious subject matter,It depicts a real issue that unfortunently too many people in modern day society suffer with,The film chronicles the struggle with cancer perfectly,We follow Adam through his weekly routine of chemotherapy and meetings with a young and inexperienced psychologist (Played By Anna Kendrick) We get a first hand look at Adam's descent into pain and fear as his chances for survival look thin,but thankfully he's best friend Kyle is willing to go every step of the way while still being able to show Adam a good time.The film really does a good job of balancing the seriousness of the subject with light hearted comedy,The film is never too sappy or too jokey.The film is very inspiring and moving tale of overcoming the odds and the last half of the film gets quite emotional as we the audience feel for the main character and want too see him pull through.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is an up and coming young actor who has given great dramatic and comedic performances in such films as "500 Days Of Summer" and "Inception" and in 50/50 he is terrific playing a very real and emotional character to absolute brilliance.Seth Rogen is good as always and provides some great comedic relief.Anna Kendrick and Bryce Dallas Howard also do a great job in their roles.

50/50 is my second favorite film of the year,The film is an emotional roller coaster ride while also being a hilarious comedy,It tackles a very real issue and does a brilliant job depicting it,featuring terrific performance,great Direction and writing 50/50 is a beautiful and brilliant film and one of the years very best.

Tom: 4/4

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network,2010,USA
Director:David Fincher
Stars:Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake

"The story of how the social-networking website Facebook was founded,From the fame and fortune to the lawsuits and backstabbing"

"You're not an a**hole, Mark. You're just trying so hard to be."- Marylin Delpy

The world scoffed at the idea of a film chronociling the origins of the social networking Facebook,Had Hollywood ran out of ideas? Is this a serious concept for a film?,But then major talent got involved in the film,Cult filmmaker David Fincher,Director of 90's classics "Se7en" and "Fight Club" signed on to Direct,known for his trademark graphic violence and serial killer studies Fincher in my opinion is one of the best Directors alive but could he handle a film about socially incompetent computer enthusiast and involved in multiple lawsuits?.More talent got involved when acclaimed writer Aaron Sorkin signed on to pen the script,known for his work on Rob Reiner's "A Few Good Men" and TV's "The West Wing" could Sorkin bring hes fast paced and witty dialouge and adapt it to Fincher's unique style? Leading the cast of film is Jesse Eisenberg in the role of Mark Zuckerberg,Eisenberg is personally one of my favorite actors so i was extremely excited to see him get a big chance here,also staring is other great young actors such Andrew Garfield,Rooney Mara,Armie Hammer,Max Minghella and pop star Justin Timberlake? yes i was one of the many skeptical about Timberlake's involvement.What was the result of this odd concept matched with this amazing talent? The result is the best film of 2010 and arguably the decade.

On the surface the Social Network is a simple courtroom drama, But if you look deeper The Social Network is an old tale of lying, deception, accusation and friendship lost .The way Mark Zuckerberg is portrayed in the film is a socially incompetent teenager going to great lengths to be noticed and accepted, while on the outside he is an absolute mastermind in both mathematics, computers and multiple other things he just doesn’t know how to keep a social life and looses the people around of him because of that, We see Mark’s slow but messy falling out with best friend Eduardo Saverin which results in a law suit and we also see his interaction with The Winklevoss twins who acuse him of stealing their idea which results in a second law suit.

The Social Network is a rare film where all the film making aspects are done to absolute perfection,Weather that be Fincher's brilliant Direction,Sorkin's amazing Oscar winning script,An awesome score from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross or it's spot on and terrific performance.Eisenberg in his Oscar Nominated role gives the performance of a life time portraying Zuckerberg and is absolutely brilliant,Andrew Garfield is terrific as Eduardo,Rooney Mara is great in her small role and i cant wait to see her In Fincher's next film the American adaptation of Stieg Larson's "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo",Armie Hammer does an amazing job in practically two roles as the Winklevoss twins and Justin Timberlake does a decent job portraying Sean Parker.

The Social Network is a masterpiece,The film is perfect in almost every way,Fincher's brilliant Direction teamed with Sorkin's terrific screenplay and some amazing performances really elevate the source material.An Amazing film.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Beaver (2011)

The Beaver,2011,USA
Director:Jodie Foster
Stars:Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and Anton Yelchin

"A troubled husband and executive adopts a beaver hand-puppet as his sole means of communicating."

"We reach a point where, in order to go on, we have to wipe the slate clean. We start to see ourselves as a box that we're trapped inside and no matter how we try and escape, self help, therapy, drugs, we just sink further and further down. The only way to truly break out of the box is to get rid of it all together..."

There are some majorly effecting and personal themes in "The Beaver" that i really connected with and of which i have had past experience,The major theme is Depression and how those who suffer with the illness come to terms and deal with it, whether that be suicide,nothing,creating another personality or just wiping the slate clean,Mel Gibson plays the lead role of Walter Black the man who suffers with the mental illness,After a failed attempt at suicide Walter creates a personality for and begins living through a Beaver hand puppet he recently acquired,In doing so Walter becomes a happier human being and begins repairing his broken home life with his family and a better executive but the situation becomes increasingly more odd when Walter forgets how to live without the puppet.

The film gets its message across in its own sort of odd way,It packs an emotional punch and is very sad at times,Jodie Foster in her directorial debut does a great job of depicting depression giving the audience an inside look about how much it can affect a person but also the impact it has on the people who are closest to the person who suffers,The characters all feel humanized and real which is what is needed with a film portraying these films and everyone in the cast gives a good performance.

I dont think i could ever dislike Mel Gibson,no matter what domestic outbursts or incident he has,to me Mel Gibson is a great actor,and in this film he gives another great performances and does a great job of displaying the helplessness and pain of Depression.Jodie Foster also gives a good performance as the desperate mother and wife. Jennifer Lawrence is a really good young actress coming of her Academy Award nominated performance in "Winter's Bone" gives another great performance and "Fright Night" star Anton Yelchin does a good job aswell.

"The Beaver" is a good film filled with real themes that it depicts well and great performances,A good directorial debut from Jodie Foster


The Tree Of Life (2011)

The Tree Of Life,2011,USA
Director:Terrence Malick
Stars:Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain

"Your mother's naive. It takes fierce will to get ahead in this world. If you're good, people take advantage of you."

I had been anticipating The Tree Of The Life for well over a year,Its hard to not get excited about a project like this one,Visonary and reclusive Director Terrence Malick exciting enough Brad Pitt and Sean Penn being involved is.Tree Of Life didn’t get a theatrical release where i live so i had to wait a few more months for the DVD until i finally got the chance to see it,I don’t think ive ever been so disappointed, disheartened or dissatisfied like i was 30-40 minutes into this film, The film felt so pretentious with ridiculously long scenes of random footage of space, waterfalls, Dinosaurs and the Lochness Monster it really took me out of what should be a simple story and I even considered turning the film off, Luckily I didn’t as when the film gets into the brunt of its story with the children dealing with the strict 1950’s parenting of Brad Pitt’s character I would consider the film the masterpiece I was expecting but it was ruined for me as the same random footage returned for the last 15 minutes.

Malick brings his usual amazing visuals to the film, while they may be beautiful, breath taking and a spectacle in themself it doesn’t make for good storytelling and its not until almost an hour into the film that Malick begins to tell his story in a conventional way.But when he does begin telling the story i was absolutely enthralled and absolutely loved the film at that point.

The scenes are emotional and beautifully shot with terrific cinematography ,These scenes are brought to life though by powerful performances especially that of Brad Pitt who is absolutely phenomenal in his role as the tough minded father,In 2011 in Pitt has given arguably two of his greatest performances along with his role in “Moneyball” he has to been a front runner for a well earned Oscar.

Im not sure where i stand with this film, On one hand i hated the pretentiousness of the first 30 minutes with some ridiculous theory’s and images being drilled into the audiences brains but on the other hand i loved the middle section of the film especially Pitt’s performance, I guess I’m going to have to say that while it struggled with it ,The Tree Of Life is a great cinematic achievement from one of the business’s most visually remarkable filmmakers.
Tom: 3.5/4

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Fright Night (1985)

Fright Night,1985,USA
Director:Tom Holland
Stars:Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale and Amanda Bearse
"When a teenager learns that his next door neighbour is a vampire, no one will believe him."

"Welcome To Fright Night....For Real"- Jerry Dandrige

The 80's vampire classic, Fright Night is a Comedy-Horror from "Child's Play" Director Tom Holland and Although it may have lost most of its frightening aspects and became slightly forgotten over the years that doesn't take away from Fright Night's great entertainment value, Although it has had a slight resurrection thanks to a 2011 remake staring Colin Farrell, I still don’t think Fright Night gets enough attention or appreciation, I watched Fright Night a few months ago in preparation for the remake and was blown away by how much i liked it and it instantly became a favourite film of mine. The film is hugely enjoyable fun and features some terrific performances especially that of Chris Sarandon and of course Roddy Mcdowell.

The film revolves around horror film enthusiast teenager Charley Brewster, who becomes increasingly suspicious that he next door neighbour Jerry(Played By Chris Sarandon) is a “Creature of the night” When no one around him, including his Mother, Girlfriend Amy(Played by Amanda Bearse),Or even his vampire savvy friend “Evil” Ed believes him he acquires the help of Horror film actor Peter Vincent(Played By Roddy Mcdowell) As Charley does all he can to keep the lives of himself and everyone close to him safe.

The film is campy by modern standards but this add mores enjoyment in my opinion The film features some similarities to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece of suspense “Rear Window” ,When Charley becomes suspicious of Jerry’s odd activities it feels very reminiscent (Though obviously not in the same calibre) as Jimmy Stewart’s performance in Rear Window. The films special effects and make up add a nostalgic feel to the film and there is a lot of dated things such as clothing and some corny dialogue but it’s humorous to look back at these things now.

Fright Night features some unique and terrific performances, The star of the show is Chris Sarandon as Jerry, Sarandon gives a very charismatic and frightening performance and is threatening but also strangely likeable the whole film. I also really like Roddy Mcdowell’s performance as down and out Horror film star Peter Vincent, McDowell was a great actor and it’s so enjoyable to watch him on screen. William Ragsdale plays the role of Charley and has a disadvantage of playing the serious role and gets to have a lot less fun than everyone else does playing their roles but he still does a decent job. Stephen Geofferys plays Ed and is over the top but brilliant and brings so much humour and emotion to what would have a been a bland character.

Fright Night is a classic 80’s vampire film in the same vein as “The Lost Boys”, It is so entertaining and fun with terrific performances not to mention a great retro soundtrack.

Tom: 4/4

127 Hours(2010)

127 Hours,2010,USA,UK
Director:Danny Boyle
Stars:James Franco, Amber Tamblyn and Kate Mara

"A mountain climber becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive."

"Every Second Counts"

The triumphant and inspiring true story of Aron Ralston,A trapped climber who went to unthinkable measures to survive,is brought to the screen by Academy Award winning and visionary Director Danny Boyle who two years ago swept the most of the major Academy awards with "Slumdog Millionare" and has made some iconic British classics such as "Trainspotting" and brought the Zombie genre back into vogue in 2002 with "28 Days Later" ,Boyle is one of my favourite Directors and is always reliable to make a an amazing film with an enthralling story and terrific style, In my opinion with 127 Hours Boyle has outdone himself by making arguably his greatest film. Boyle has made a remarkable film that both inspires and touches the audience with a phenomenal lead performance from James Franco.

The story on which the film is based is a horrifying affair about a man trapped for five days with limited supplies and an impending sense of death, To make a film out of this story would be difficult but I think Boyle along with writer Simon Beaufoy have made the best possible film out of the situation, The film is always intense even though we know the characters fate and where the story is going. With a film based on a story like this there is a serious danger of the film being slow, dry and dull but Boyle keeps the audiences on their feet the entire time using his usual visual flare with flashback sequences giving us information about Ralston and how he came to be in the predicament he’s in and also some humour delivered by Franco as he comes to terms with his situation along with emotional scenes and offcourse the unthinkable climax.

James Franco is a great actor having given good performances in multiple films but with this film he may have given the performance of a lifetime, He is so perfect and likeable in this role that you forgive all the flaws in Ralston’s personality like selfishness and ignorance as you completely support and hope for his escape, Franco has the unenviable task of carrying most of the film with him being the only actor on screen and does an amazing job the whole way through.

127 Hours was only behind David Fincher’s “The Social Network” as my favourite film of 2010,Danny Boyle has done a phenomenal job and has done a great deal of justice to Aron Ralston’s incredible Story and James Franco’s performance is absolutely amazing!


Monday, 5 December 2011

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011)

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes,2011
Director: Rupert Wyatt
Stars: James Franco,Freda Pinto and Andy Serkis

"During experiments to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, a genetically-enhanced chimpanzee uses its greater intelligence to lead other apes to freedom."`

I wouldnt expect much from a 2011 prequel to Franklin J Schaffner's legendary 1968 Charlton Heston helmed classic.I didnt see it during its theatrical run but i wish i did because Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes has to be one of my favorite films of 2011,The film is so well made and executed with phenomenal special effects and CGI,thrilling action and battle sequences,emotional and touching moments and an amazing performance from Andy Serkis as lead ape Caeser,Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is thrilling and brilliant.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is a perfect example of how to make a modern day prequel to an acclaimed classic,The film is loyal respectable to the source material all while creating its own unique experience.Ive yet to see the Planet Of The Apes sequels but ive seen the original multiple times and its clear while watching this prequel that the filmmakers have a strong love for that film and does do it justice in everyway and makes a film that is on par with it.An opposite example of this is the 2011 prequel to John Carpenters horror classic "The Thing",That film feels like an exact replica of what Carpenter perfected in 1982 and although imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery it doesn't make a good film.

The films brilliant center piece is the performance of Andy Serkis as Caeser which is beyond amazing,known for his other motion capture roles in films like The Lord Of The Rings series and King Kong,Serkis knocks it out of the park once again here giving Caeser human like qualities and emotions and makes the audiences love him,feel sympathy for him and finally fear him.Also in the cast is the James Franco,an actor i really like mostly because of his tour De Force performance in Danny Boyle's "127 Hours" a film which is very close to my heart,Here Franco is great and likable as the man who takes Caeser into his home,Freda Pinto from "Slumdog Millionaire" also stars and does an okay job but is slightly bland in parts,The terrific John Lithgow also co stars and its always great to see him on screen.

The film looks amazing,The Apes themselves look great and the final climatic battle scene on the bridge looks unbelievably good and is as genius as it is thrilling.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is the surprise hit of 2011,In a year where over the top CGI messes such as "Green Lantern" and "Cowboys & Aliens" have been released its a relief to get a film like this one,Great story,brilliant performances and emotional punch,hopefully with the same people involved Apes gets a sequel or a prequel which ever way you look at it,The Apes have indeed risen!


Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Zookeeper (2011)

The Zookeper,2011,USA
Director:Frank Coraci
Stars:Kevin James, Rosario Dawson and Leslie Bibb

"A group of zoo animals decide to break their code of silence in order to help their lovable zoo keeper find love -- without opting to leave his current job for something more illustrious."

Zookeeper is a film which is handicapped as soon as you read the plot summary,A beloved Zookeeper gets dating advice from the animals he works with so that they can keep him around.Hearing that you would expect a film along the lines of "Night At The Museum" or "Doctor Doolitle"(which aren't good films in their own right)Zookeeper takes a step further as we follow the life of Kevin Jame's character Griffin from the rejection of marriage from his dream girl to his discovery about the animals.Im not exactly sure what kind of audience the film is targeted for,on one hand there is the obvious childish humor and funny animals that appeal to kids but on the other there are a couple of adult themes such as heartbreak and loneliness.Maybe Zookeeper is just a film without an audience.

There is little to like about Zookeeper,For a film set in the zoo and featuring talking animals there seems to be little of that in the plot,The animals get brushed aside and even forgotten in the latter half of the movie as the story chooses to focus on Kevin James's character hanging out with a Gorilla and falling for Rosario Dawson's,this may or may not be a good thing depending on your thoughts,I think this is probably a good thing because of the fact that the Monkey voiced by Adam Sandler gets less screen time.

Kevin James takes lead role here,I like James especially on the TV show "King Of Queens" but he really is having a hard time finding good film roles having appeared in such shockers as "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry","Paul Blart:Mall Cop" and "Grown Ups" and unfortunently Zookeeper adds to this list.The film features an all star voice including Sylvester Stallone,Cher,Nick Nolte,Jon Favreua,Judd Apatow and Maya Rudolph but really under utilizes them as they do the live action star such as Ken Jeong and Donnie Wahlberg.

Zookeeper is an extremely flawed film,I cant judge on whether it would be good family entertainment but for me it was a mess,i would definenlty not recommend it.


The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project,1999,USA
Directors:Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez
Stars:Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams and Joshua Leonard

"Three film students travel to Maryland to make a student film about a local urban legend... The Blair Witch. The three went into the woods on a two day hike to find the Blair Witch, and never came back. One year later, the students film and video was found in the woods."

The movie that became a phenomenon,Upon its release,the events that take place in The Blair Witch Project were famously believed to real,In similar fashion to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in 1974 but unlike that film Blair Witch came out at a time where internet was available,The fact that this low budget independent was able to fool the world is a testament to its Directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez who make Blair Witch feel frighteningly authentic.Of Course we now know that these events didn't occur but that doesn't take away from the horrific jolt that The Blair Witch Project continues to have on audiences.

The Blair Witch Project gives a frightening twist to the old saying "If you go out in the wood today.." as three amateur but ambitious filmmakers travel to the woods where they search for evidence of The Blair Witch,A famous legend about a hermit who kidnapped seven children in the 1940s and brought them to his house in the woods, where he tortured and murdered them.What begins as simple documentation turns horrific as the trio become lost in woods,trying to find a way back to their car they seem to just keep walking in circles,The three begin loosing their touch with reality as strange occurrences take place during the night.

I've seen The Blair Witch Project at least have a dozen times, I've never thought of it as a great film but there's always been something about it that keeps me coming back.The film shot completely on two different hand held cameras has a great re watch value,I think its gets better with every watch as you find something new to like about it.Although Blair Witch seems to have a slightly bad reputation these days,i do think it is a terrifying concept and is executed extremely well,The final 10 minutes is especially suspenseful featuring a final image and moment that's not easy to forget.Also The three principal actors whether you find them annoying or not sell their roles really well,and the direction from Myrick and Sánchez is great.

Like or not Blair Witch is historic in the horror genre,sure it wasn't the first found footage horror film ever made but its the one that brought it into the mainstream and is part of the reason we have films like "Paranormal Activity","Rec" and "Cloverfield".Blair Witch is low budget do it yourself horror filmmaking at its most entertaining,It may not be perfect but its frightening,what more could you ask for? I Give The Blair Witch Project 3 and a Half Unseen Witches Out Of 5.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (1991)

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse,1991,USA
Director:Fax Bahr, George Hickenlooper
Stars:Francis Ford Coppola,Martin Sheen and Dennis Hopper

"Documentary that chronicles how Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now" was plagued by extraordinary script, shooting, budget, and casting problems--nearly destroying the life and career of the celebrated director"

"My movie is not about Vietnam... my movie is Vietnam."" There were too many of us, we had access to too much equipment, too much money, and little by little we went insane. "- Francis Ford Coppola

The tales of what happened behind the scenes of arguably the greatest film of all time "Apocalypse Now" have become the stuff of legends,from a typhoon destroying the films set,to star Martin Sheens heart attack,the hassle of Marlon Brando and an extraordinary long shoot.Heart Of Darkness is a brutally honest documentary chronicling all the events and struggles that took place behind the scenes,We get a look the painfully stressful life of a filmmaker with Francis Ford Coppola,Riding on the success and acclaim of the two Godfather films we see Coppola tackle this tale of madness in Vietnam,In what was supposed to be a 16 week shoot stretched out to three years and went wildly over budget putting the lives of Coppola and his family at risk.

Heart Of Darkness features archive footage from the set of Apocalypse Now shot by Coppola's wife Elanor as we get to see some very revealing scenes along with interviews from stars including Martin Sheen,Robert Duvall and a very drugged up Dennis Hopper.One of the many interesting moments in the film is the scenes which show Coppola trying to deal with Marlon Brando,At this point in his career Brando was recognized as one of the greatest actors alive,but on the set of Apocalypse Now he was less than professional causing major problems and headaches for Copploa and everyone involved in the film

Apocalypse Now is my third favorite film of all time so i really appreciated and loved Hearts Of Darkness,Its honest and revealing and its quite amazing to see what the cast,crew and especially Coppola went though to get this film made,Its hard to imagine a fan of Apocalypse Now not enjoying or appreciating Hearts Of Darkness.

Tom: 4/4

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Gattaca (1997)

Director: Andrew Niccol
Stars: Ethan Hawke,Uma Thurman and Jude Law

"A genetically inferior man assumes the identity of a superior one in order to pursue his life long dream of Space travel."

I think Gattaca is a brilliant and thought provoking Sci fi classic, The film is the directorial debut of Andrew Niccol and with this film Niccol has created an intelligent and mind bending film,that has been popular with critics and audiences since its release.The film features quite an intricate and detailed plot with the underlining themes Genetic cloning,sibiling rivalry and the importance of dreams and achieving them. The film is powered by great performances by Ethan Hawke,Uma Thurman and Jude Law.

Hawke plays the role of Vincent who is less than perfect genetically wise but is devoted to his dream of space travel, in listing the help of Jerome Morrow,played by Jude Law,who is genetically perfect but paraplegic as a result of a car accident,Vincent assume the identity and genes of Jerome and becomes closer to achieving his dream, although this coincides with a brutal murder and Vincent is at risk of having his true identity revealed.

A key moment in the film is the scenes chronicling Vincent's transformation into Jerome, its at this point the audience is aware how dedicated he is. I think the film portrays determination really well. The film also features a brilliant and daunting score along with narration.

I definently recommended Gattaca,I think it may be one of the best Sci Fi films of the last 20 year,It features a thought provoking story,in depth and humanized characters and great performances.


Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Friday The 13th:The Final Chapter,1984,USA
Director: Joseph Zito
Stars:Erich Anderson,Crispin Glover and Corey Feldman

Jason continues his horrific murder spree, this time the lives of young Tommy Jarvis are at risk as Jason returns to Crystal Lake to induce more terror.

After three successful but universally shunned films the producers of the Friday The 13th franchise decided it was time for Jason to hang up the Hockey Mask and Machete and call it a day.With the original released 1980,Director Sean S Cunningham and Writer Victor Miller cashed in on the mega success that John Carpenter’s “Halloween” gained.The low budget film was a surprised hit and the following year received a sequel, which was fairly similar but introduced audiences to Jason Voorhees as the killer,A mediocre Part 3 was released in 3D in 1982.Now it was time to end Jason’s reign of terror with The Final Chapter(Although 8 more installments followed)

The film picks up where the previous one left off,Jason is presumed dead after being “killed” by the heroine of the previous film,he is taken to a morgue and thus the killing begins.By the time of this film the makers knew what the formula for a Friday The 13th,Bunch of rowdy naked teenagers,the famous "Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma" theme,blood and violent murders and of course the Hockey mask.From the get go this film feels more professional from its Direction to its well known actors like Crispin Glover and young Corey Feldman,its feels a lot more structured than the previous films,there isnt just non sensical killing from the word go(I don't think we even see Jason's face until over an hour into the film)Although this makes a better film technicially,I still think that it doesnt come close to fun experience that the first two are,although its an improvement over the third installment.Like the previous films,The Final Chapter features a variety of clever and different kills,although most of them involved a Machete.

I think the filmmakers intended this to be the final chapter for Jason's character but with the final image of Tommy staring into the camera it hints that he is to be the next killer,But after the disaster that was Part V,Jason returned in Part VI and continued the series

The Final Chapter, isn't the best film of the series,It doesn't match the fun of the first two for me but is an improvement over the third and is definently not as bad as some of the other films in the series.

Tom: 2/4