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Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

Twilight Zone:The Movie,1983,USA
Director: John Landis(Segment 1),Steven Spielberg(Segment 2),Joe Dante(Segment 3) and George Miller(Segment 4)
Stars:Stars: Dan Aykroyd, Albert Brooks and Vic Morrow

A film adaption of the legendary 1959 TV series "Twilight Zone" is dived into four separate segments directed by four acclaimed Directors.Segment 1 titled "Time Out" tells the story of an extremely Prejudice man(Morrow)who begins to experience what those he critized endured through historical events. Segment 2 titled "Kick The Can" is a about a mysterious old man(Scattman Crothers) arriving at a retirement home and taking back the citizens to a happier time. Segment 3 "Its A Good Life" tells the story of a sinister young boy with supernatural powers.The fourth and final segment "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" is about a highly distressed air traveler(Lithgow) who notices a Gremlin on the wing of the plane,or does he?.

This film is infamous for the tragic incident that occurred during filming which ended in the death of star Vic Morrow and two Vietnam children,the incident somewhat overshadowed the film that was released.
After recently Watching the first season of Twilight Zone and loving it, I decided to re watch the film. The TV series in its itself is unique and brilliant escapism with terrific fantasy,horror and sci fi elements that bind together so well and is so iconic that it would be difficult to adapt Rod Serlings legendary tales into a 100 minute film.
But fortunently all the right people are involved including the four famous directors along with producers of the original show including Richard Matheison, although there is all this talent involved Twilight Zone the movie is far from perfect, but that's not to say its not solid entertainment. The film begins of on the right foot, with a prologue featuring Dan Akroyd and Albert Brooks playing a game of Guess the TV theme which leads to a discussion about "Zone".The prologue is Directed by Landis and features similarities to his work like "An American Werewolf In London" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Landis also directs the first segment With Vic Morrow in the lead,The segment is tainted because of the tragedy that occurred while filming,despite that the segment is a nice way to start the film but is far from the best segment,The segment is the only original story that wasn't based on a prior Twilight Zone episode.
The second segment is from master filmmaker Steven Spielberg and has the lightest and most pleasant tone of the four,and ask the question would you want to go through childhood again.I do enjoy the segment particularly Crothers performance but it seems misplaced in this film,compared to the others dark and Sci fiction themes but it is enjoyable and heartfelt.
Joe Dante Directs the next segment titled "Its A Good Life",This in my opinion is by far the worst segment and brings the film to a complete halt.Dante's visuals are to over the top which retracts from the story.
It is Australian Director George Miller of "Mad Max" fame who steals the show with the final segment titled "Nightmare at 20 000 feet",Miller is given the most to work with and utilizes it to thrilling brilliance,John Lithgow gives a terrific performance as the distressed passenger,reprising William Shatner's performance from the original episode.The segment is a great way to finish the film and the ending is great,bringing back Akroyd's character from the prologue.
Overall "Twilight Zone:The Movie" is enjoyable but dosent really do the classic series justice. Although the final segment is enough reason to see it alone

Prologue: 3/4
Time Out: 2/4
Kick The Can: 2.5/4
Its A Good Life: 1.5/4
Nightmare At 20 000 Feet: 3.5/4

Overall: 2.5/4

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