Monday, 21 November 2011

Super 8 (2011)

Super 8,2011,USA
Director: J.J Abrams
Stars:Elle Fanning,Joel Courtney and Kyle Chandler

During the summer of 1979,While shooting an amateur film,A group of friends witness a horrific train crash and along with the rest of the town get a first hand look at the unexplained and mysterious happenings that take place afterwards.

"Super 8" is Directed by J.J Abrams and is an obvious love letter to adventure films of the 80's and in particular to the films of Steven Spielberg,Who produces,In every frame Abrams love for these films is present as he attempts to make a film in the realm of Spielberg's "E.T" unfortunently i had some big problems with the film and most of which comes from Abrams overly sentimental and all round over the top Direction.

I saw Super 8 for the first time during its cinema run,After months of anticipation, Unfortunenlty i left theater extremely disappointed and let down by the films cheesiness and over the top ending,Upon a re-watch i lightened my opinion on Super 8,Its a mix between films like "The Goonies" and "Stand By Me"(to an extent)along with sci fi classics such as "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" and of course "E.T",Although it doesn't come near the realm of any of those films,It is entertaining and fun but large plot holes and Abrams over the top Direction keep me from loving it.

My favorite thing about this film is the performances, All the kids are terrific, especially Elle Fanning who is an amazing young actress.I wish Spielberg has some input with the Story, i know it was Abrams project but if he co wrote the script with Spielberg it really could have reached its true potential.

I really disliked the film the first time i saw, but i know see it's an entertaining and fun creature feature in the spirit of the 80's classics,Although i have some big problems with the film one thing it does have great performances,although don't expect logical storytelling or a revealing ending.

Tom: 2.5/4

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