Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Sleeping Beauty,2011,Australia
Director:Julia Leigh
Stars:Emily Browning, Rachael Blake and Ewen Leslie
Emily Browning, Sleeping Beauty 2011
A haunting portrait of Lucy, a young university student drawn into a mysterious hidden world of unspoken desires.

Im not sure if its right to say that i liked or enjoyed a movie where the central character is young female university student who is voluntary drugged in order for old rich men to have their way with her.Id heard some negative reviews prior to watching but i thought Sleeping Beauty was a gripping,traumatic, horrifying and intense Australian drama,Fueled by its remarkable lead performance "Sleeping Beauty" is a gripping film.Relating back to my opening statement i "liked" the film,It was a unique experience and interesting to see an Australian be so risky,raunchy and haunting,Its in the same vein as Aussie dramas from recent years such as "The Loved Ones","Animal Kingdom" and "Snowtown"

Aussie actress Emily Browning's performance is the highlight of the film,proving how fearless and brilliant she is as an actress,Hopefully she gets some roles in worthy films in the future,Unlike Zack Synder's "SuckerPunch".I never really heard of anyone else in the cast but they all seem to do a decent job in their small roles,but know one comes close to upstaging Browning.

I dont agree with the negative reviews this film received,I think its a haunting portrait of adolescence.Emily Browning is absolutely phenomenal and her performance really elevates the film,Its a hard film to watch but i think its very rewarding and very much worth your time.

Tom: 3/4

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