Saturday, 12 November 2011

Midnight In Paris (2011)

Midnight In Paris,2011,USA,Spain
Director:Woody Allen
Stars:Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates

Soon to be married couple Gil(Wilson) and Inez(McAdams) travel to Paris with as part of Inez's parents business trip.Gil is a Hollywood film writer who has enjoyed success but is having some difficulty writing his first novel,Gill falls in love with the city and wants to move there after there married but Inez does not share this wish,while Inez spends night socializing with friends,Gil walks the streets of Paris and when the clock strikes Midnight he discovers a whole new world,while travelling back to the golden age of the 1920's and meeting some of his idols such as Hemingway,F.Scott Fitzgerald and Salvador Dali(Adrien Brody),And finding the source of what could be his greatest writing inspiration.

Midnight In Paris has been described as Woody Allen's best film in 15 years,and its easy to see why,Its a light hearted and feel good film with terrific performances,concept and of course shows of the beautiful city of Paris.Owen Wilson is great leads an all star cast including Rachel McAdams,Kathy Bates.Adrien Brody,Michael Sheen and Marion Cotillard.

The film features Allen's usual quirkiness and unique characters all while capturing the essence of the 1920's and is able to transport the audience along with Wilson's character right to the heart of it.

There isn't much to dislike about Midnight In Paris,its a showcase of good film making and portrays the magic of the city its set in.One of the best films of 2011

Tom: 3.5/4

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