Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Hangover Part II (2011)

The Hangover Part II,2011,USA
Director: Todd Phillips
Stars:Bradely Cooper,Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis

Two years after the bachelor party in Las Vegas, Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug jet to Thailand for Stu's wedding. Stu's plan for a subdued pre-wedding brunch, however, goes seriously awry.

The Hangover Part II is the definition of an unnecessary sequel,There are reasons that high concept comedies such as "Groundhog Day" and "The Big Lebowski" dont have sequels.The Hangover was released in 2009 and was a rousing sucssess,racking up big buck and pleasing audiences and critics around the world,I wasnt a fan of it but it did have an interesting concept as raunchy comedy mixed with an unusual mystery of what happened the night before and where did the guys loose the groom.Unfortunently the Todd Phillips and the producers thought it nesscary to make a sequel,It was a terrible descion as this has to be one of the laziest and most unneeded film ive seen.

The film reunites the characters the audience loved so much the first time and puts them into the exact same situation,same jokes and all. The film is basically a carbon copy of the first and Phillips is under the impression that if it worked so well the first time why change anything? He does make substitutes though such as swapping the Las Vegas setting of the original for the slums of Bangkok,And tries to reshock the audience with surprises this time such as a drug dealing monkey,Transexuals and Paul Giamatti.

The cast does nothing different to what they did the first time but some have just swapped roles,I dont really find Zach Galifinakius funny at all,Its not that i dont like him(He was good in "It's Kind Of A Funny Story") but hes comedic roles usually just really annoy me,especially here,The rest of the cast is just repeating what they did before aswell.The appearance by Mike Tyson was an absolute groaner.

The Hangover Part II is definently the worst film ive seen in 2011,Its a terrible idea to make a sequel to a one succesful comedy and this is a prime example ranking alongside the likes of "Caddyshack II"


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