Monday, 14 November 2011

Green Lantern (2011)

Director:Martin Campbell
Stars:Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard

Hal Jordan(Reynolds)is a test pilot living in the shadow of his diseased father,One night Hal acquires superhuman powers after being chosen by an other worldly Ring and is chosen to become a Green Lantern,Hal must use his newly acquired powers to fight the looming evil of Parallax and Hector Hammond(Sarsgaard)spurred on by his sense of duty and love for colleague Carol Ferris(Livlely).

I am not a comic book person and knew almost nothing about the Green Lantern going into the film,Seeing the film a few months after its cinematic run and knowing it was panned world wide by audiences and critics,i had very low expectations.Green Lantern borders on the line of mindless fun and complete ludicrasy,The film features many big action set pieces,over the top fight scenes(as expected) and some odd and out of place humour but its not unwatchable trash in my opinion,as many have made it out to be,although its by no means great.

The film features a great cast,i like Ryan Reynolds and enjoyed seeing him in the lead role of a big budget superhero film and i think he did well with what he had.Blake Livley isn't bad but is sometimes to bland and one note,Peter Sarsgaard is an awesome actor who has yet to be given the role that will make him a superstar,here he plays villain and is one of the best parts of the film but has to compete with a large amount of CGI and prosthetics,His father is played by Oscar Winner Tim Robbins in a small role.The film is Directed by Martin Campbell,who did a good job with the 2006 Bond installment "Casino Royale" which was stylish and well made,Here his directing feels like the complete opposite and decides to go with a lot of CGI and over the top action.

The film had to compete with four other superhero films released in the recent American summer such as "Thor","Captain America:The First Avenger" and "X-Men:First Class".Although It is defiantly not in the same league as those films,quality wise,It is entertaining and mindless fun,but not being a fan of the comics i cant comment on its loyalty to the source material.

Tom: Green Lantern - 2/4

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