Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tucker And Dale Vs Evil (2010)

Tucker And Dale Vs Evil,2010,USA
Director:Eli Craig
Stars: Alan Tudyk,Tyler Labine and Katrina Bowen

Tucker And Dale Vs Evil is a brilliant Horror-Comedy.Its bloody,Gory and absolutely hilarious. The film is about Two hill billy friends named Tucker And Dale who are on vacation at there dilapidated mountain cabin,while they are at a truck stop they encounter a group of college kids who are camping in the woods nearby,when Tucker and Dale save the life of one of the girls from the group,The college kids mistake them for kidnappers and serial killers,The kids try getting revenge on the two with hilarious consequences. The film received a straight to DVD release in Australia,i find it ridiculous that a film this good cant get a cinematic release. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine play the title characters and are absolutely terrific and have great chemistry together and are such likeable heroes. The film is full over the top and hilarious death scenes,involving everything from a wood chipper to a faulty beam in the house.Another great thing about this film is just watching all the events occuring and Tucker and Dales interpretation of them,even considering the idea of the kids being part of a mass suicide, and the fact that the college kids mistake them for being pure evil when they're really just misunderstood guys . This film can fit into numerous categories and genres other than horror or comedy, the film is also a great bromance and has the feel of a low budget independent "Evil Dead" horror film.Overall Tucker And Dale Vs Evil is a terrific film and a lot of fun.Horror and comedy fans especially should get a lot of enjoyment out of it.High Recommend

Tom: 3.5/4

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