Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stripes (1981)

Director:Ivan Reitman
Stars:Bill Muarry,Harold Ramis and John Candy

The second collaboration between Harold Ramis and Bill Muarry,the first time they went to summer camp with "Meatballs",this time they are inlisting in the army with "Stripes".The film is about two friends who are dissatisfied with there jobs and daily life decide to join the army for fun. Stripes is a great comedy,The film has lots of hilarious scenes and is enjoyable from start to finish,The one improvement i think could have been made to make the film even better would have been finishing the film after the graduation scene, although i have no problem with the scenes in Europe that take place afterwards.Stripes has a great cast, The two leads Bill Muarry and Harold Ramis are terrific together,also in the cast is John Candy,Judge Reinhold,PJ Soles and John Larroquette.Overall Stripes is a comedic classic that is really worth checking out.


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