Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Starman (1984)

Director:John Carpenter
Stars:Jeff Bridges,Karen Allen and Charles Martin Smith

When thinking about Starman,nothing really comes to mind as being innovative,The premise isn't anything new and other than Jeff Bridges there's no real A list stars here,but what Starman is,is one great,entertaining and somewhat touching Sci fi classic. The Film is about an alien,who takes the form of a young widow's husband and makes her drive him from Wisconsin to Arizona,While the government is hot on there trail.The film is directed by the legendary John Carpenter,who was well established with the sci fi genre before this film,having made classics such as "The Thing" and "Escape From New York",does a really great job with Starman,i think it could it be one of his most underrated films.The performances are terrific especially from Jeff Bridges,who gives such a heartfelt and brilliant performance as the alien,and received a well deserved Oscar nomination for his role,Karen Allen is also good as the widow and love interest and brings the same kind of feisty and strong personality her character had in "Raiders of The Lost Ark" and along with the always great Charles Martin Smith this rounds out a great cast. The films effects have dated in its 27 years of release but i don't think it harms the film at all, the ending can be considered kind of cheesy in modern times but i thought it was fine.Overall i really enjoyed Satrman,much more than i thought i would,a great Carpenter film with Bridges performance being the highlight.Recommend


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