Monday, 26 September 2011

Mallrats (1995)

Director: Kevin Smith
Cast: Jason Lee, Shannen Doherty and Jeremy London

Kevin Smith's follow up to the brilliant "Clerks" is the equally brilliant "Mallrats" which tells the story of two best friends both dumped by the girlfriends on the same day who head to the local mall for the day.This film was trashed by critics all around the world and was a box office bomb but i absolultey love it, The film is a brilliantly underrated comedy, the film stars Jason Lee who is absloultey Brilliant as Brodie, unlike Jeremy London who plays the lead T.S Quint who is terrible in this film, the film has some really great moments including an appearance by Stan Lee, and of course Jay And Silent Bob. In my opinion this is only behind "Clerks" and "Chasing Amy" as Smith's best film. An absolutley brilliant comedy that every Kevin Smith should see.

Tom: 3.5/4

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